At last, wife of alleged rapist opens up

At last, wife of alleged rapist opens up

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 5:13 pm

Martina Bobogini Julius

…Victim also responds

By Nehru Odeh

The last has not yet been heard of Chinwe Udeze Patricia, the lady who alleged that she was raped serially by her aunt’s husband, one Julius Frank Elemotse with the connivance of his wife, Martina Bobogini Julius.

However, Martina, the wife of the alleged rapist has finally opened up in a Facebook post that was published on 9 June 2020. In that post she denied ever being aware that her husband raped Chinwe. Saying that she wasn’t holding brief for her husband, she challenged Chinwe to come out with evidence and let the law take its course.

In a long windy article Martina said she never pleaded with Chinwe to come to Lagos to live with her. Rather It was Chinwe who volunteered to come and live with her husband when she asked Chinwe’s mother to send someone that would help her with house chores, since she was heavy and the scan she did showed  she was pregnant with twins. She then went on to say how when Chinwe came to live with them she didn’t want to do anything, was always watching movies late into the night,  always kept the company of boys and was fond of sleeping in class.

“My niece came to live with us but didn’t want to do anything, all she did was, watch movies at nights and sleeps through the day. I was worried because she was quite young and I wanted her to take her studies seriously so her mom would be happy she lived with me. so I took time to work on her and sometime force her to do some house chores as a girl who would grow into a woman.

“As a nursing mother, I would wake up as early as possible just to put things in order while she will be sleeping, then I’ll wake her up for school but she would sleep in school after a long night watching movies. I couldn’t stop her from watching night movies so she wouldn’t feel being denied of her freedom. She continued the habit of sleeping in class during lectures to a point her teacher got tired and asked her to bring her parents or guardians but she came back without informing us,” Martina said.

Martina also said how she wanted to send Chinwe back to her home but she pleaded that she was going to turn a new leaf But that in the end Chinwe ran to stay with one of her uncles whom she had lived with before she came to live with them.

“Few years later, she called demanding to see me that she was sorry about what she did, that if she had listened to me she wouldn’t be in a mess of getting pregnant for a guy who denied her and the pregnancy …

“Chinwe also made everyone out there believe that her baby was gotten out of rape just because the mother of the guy who got her pregnant rejected her because of her attitude.

“Chinwe took the pregnancy to an innocent man who accepted to take fatherly responsibility of her child. Who also paid her pride price and save her from shame. She abandoned the man and ran away. The man reached out to her mum and other members of the family to prevail on Chinwe to come back if not for anything for the sake of her baby, Chinwe refused all pleas. Her reason being that the man was old and could not satisfy her sexually.

“So she pleaded she had no other place to stay with her baby since her uncle wouldn’t want to see her and a baby from unknown source. So she came with the baby to my place and as a mother, I accepted her cos I couldn’t watch her roam the streets with her innocent child.

“My problem with Chinwe started when she would go out for two to three days leaving the baby to be crying all nights. I would stay awake to pet the baby but to no avail cos she was still months old and the mom wouldn’t be available to care for her. My husband got tired of it and threatened to send me packing if my niece didn’t leave with her baby, and that was a hell of issue in my marriage. So I felt it was wise to save my marriage than have it destroyed by my stubborn niece.

“She went and dump the baby with the man that married her and came back since the baby was our concern according to her. I finally made Chinwe to leave because of her constant late night keeping and her attitude towards her baby issue. which was never my intention cos I truly loved her and was fond of her, I only wished she could change and go back to her husband to stay and nurse her baby to a certain stage and then move on with her life.

Martina then concluded by asking Chinwe some questions.

  1. i) Is it possible for a reasonable or sensible woman to watch her husband sexually molest or rape her niece in her presence?


  1. ii) Is it possible for any woman in her right senses to strip her own niece in front of her husband and kids?


iii) Is it possible to open your sister’s breasts and make fun of them right before your husband and kids?

“Chinwe, you lived with me ten years ago, and we’ve not seen since you left my house with your baby years ago, and all these years, even before and after having a baby, how come you never told anyone in the family about this rape and maltreatment? Not even your mother nor your uncle whom you ran to his place?

“I would have taken this allegation more seriously if you never claimed that I knew about it all along. If you can be bold enough like this to falsely accuse me on social media, how then do I hold my husband to account on this same allegation? I am not holding brief for him in anyway, if you have evidence, please come up with it and let the law take its course.


However, Chinwe, on her part, has also responded to her aunt’s defence in another Facebook post, insisting in a graphic manner that not only did Martina abuse her physically and psychologically, her husband also raped her several times. She also denied her aunts allegations that she was lazy, fond of watching movies. But she didn’t deny she was fond of sleeping in class because, according to her, she was traumatized at night and barely slept.

“So in the year 2009 November I moved to Martina’s house, from the onset she was never nice to me, she started subtly with how I don’t look my age and looking older, she graduated to asking me every time if I was a virgin and later to stripping me in her husband’s presence including her kid’s, she never saw anything wrong with that cause according to her she was trying to confirm if I was undefiled, initially her husband didn’t find it cool as it was always happening but she slammed her husband for liking me.

“She later graduated to calling me ashawo and will harass me anywhere even in the church (her pastor intervened severally) at this point she will beat me for anything and everything so I became withdrawn, I work from morning to night and when there’s nothing left to do she will instruct me to fetch water to fill the drum after emptying it, so if I was not nursing her twin boys am going to and fro in the street fetching water for a drum that never gets filled, everybody in the hood knew this so tell me which time I got to stay up at night to watch movies?

“Martina continued her humiliation and one day even stripped me to push me out in the street but her husband’s friend saved me, so it’s safe to say that a lot of people who always came to their house knew how much she abused me but she wasn’t seeing anything wrong cause she was”training me” right?

“Okay so, her husband came one day to tell me he doesn’t like how my aunt was treating me he went on to say that he could protect me from her,I felt better but immediately knew he wanted to take advantage of me,he will sometimes open the door whenever I’m bathing and watch me, and in all this his wife was not around, he continued cajoling me but when he saw I’m not willing to he told me he will take it by force, so on the night Martina was labouring in pains to birth her twins,he quickly rushed her to the hospital came back and raped me, he was shocked I was still a virgin and quickly pleaded I forgive him, he cleaned me up and early the next morning he went out to get me drugs (ampiclox) Martina are you still wondering why your husband didn’t wait on you in the hospital that night? Well this it, E shock you ba?

“Okay, the other time’s he raped me Martina was sleeping in the room and he raped me in the parlour (twice) did I shout? No I didn’t cause he told me they will both kill me and nothing will happen, so I will just lay absent mindedly while he humbed on me.

“Okay, the other time’s he raped me Martina was sleeping in the room and he raped me in the palour (twice) did I shout? No I didn’t cause he told me they will both kill me and nothing will happen, so I will just lay absent mindedly while he humbed on me.

“Martina talked about me sleeping in class that was true cause I was always traumatized at night and barely slept, did the school invite her? Yes they did, I told her and she went there to further disgrace me, this was the reason I always kept to myself for the term I schooled there.

“Finally, I was able to confide in someone her friends nanny (comfort) comfort told her aunt and the husband and they all marched to Martina’s house to confirm what comfort had said, she quickly dismissed them and when they left she strip me and brutalized me when she was done she sat me down to ask me how it felt when her husband was raping me, she asked if I enjoyed it and when I said no she hit me the more, this went on for 2 week’s after she confronted her husband he left the house for her, when her series of beatings and abuse was unbearable as she was becoming murderous with threat’s of throwing me in the well, I ran away

“Where did I run to? My uncle’s house (dad’s elder brother) I arrived their place at the dead of the night and they were shocked with how bad I looked, I had injuries in every Part of my body…

“When it dawned on her that her slave girl ran away she called my mom to complain after she found out I was in Lagos she sent someone to plead I return but I refused cause I knew i might never survive it…

“So Martina came with a cheap story to silence me last night if only she knows she cannot shame the shameless…

“Well I’m not surprised she’s supporting her hubby, she had endured years of domestic violence with him so she feels endeared to him.

“Are you still wondering how my abuser and his enabling wife look like?

“Here you go,” Chinwe maintained.

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