Donald Trump, like his “ancestor”, Adolf Hitler, plays Bible stunt

Donald Trump, like his “ancestor”, Adolf Hitler, plays Bible stunt

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 4:59 pm

Donald Trump, like his ancestor, Hitler, plays Bible stunt. Photo credit:                                                                                           Like his ”ancestor,” Adolf Hitler of Germany, President Donald trump played the Bible stunt yesterday, 1 June 2020. Trump’s forbears actually migrated from Germany to the United States. After a park has been cleared of protesters, he went in front of St John Episcopal Church to pose with a Bible. The photograph was published by

However, Trump who has penchant to play the Evangelicals and Pentecostal sentiment missed the point. The church’s presiding bishop, The Most Rev Michael Curry, came out smoking:
“The Bible the President held up and the church that he stood in front of represent the values of love, of justice, of compassion, and of a way to heal our hurts.

“We need our president, and all who hold office, to be moral leaders who help us to be a people and nation living these values. For the sake of George Floyd, for all who have wrongly suffered, and for the sake of us all, we need leaders to help us to be ‘one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all”

Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, as reported by, cam

e down hard on Trump.

The tactics by law enforcement, as politico put it, allowed Trump to cross the street with top political aides and senior administration officials and stand in front of the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, where he brandished a Bible “as if it were spiritual validation and justification for a message that is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and to the God of justice,” Budde said.

“I felt in no uncertain terms that I had to disassociate us from that symbolic gesture and to speak a word of justice and peace to the nation,” Budde, whose diocese oversees St. John’s, told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Still, the bishop said Trump remains “welcome, as anyone is welcome,” to worship at the so-called “Church of the Presidents,” which was partly damaged by a basement fire during protests this week.

“The presidents are welcome as citizens of this country to pray alongside fellow citizens, to kneel before God in humility and to rededicate themselves to the task to which they’ve been elected,” she said.

Budde added, however, that Trump “is not entitled to use the spiritual symbolism of our sacred spaces and our sacred texts to promote or to justify … an entirely different message.”

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, as reported further by politico, sought to defend the president from the attacks by members of the clergy, and told reporters that “the words photo-op itself call into question” Trump’s motivation for visiting St. John’s on Monday.

“It’s very unfortunate that people of faith would call into question what is in anyone’s heart, including the president’s, [and] what compelled him to go over to St. John’s and hold up his Bible,” she said. “The politicization of that by people of faith is very unfortunate.”

Joe Biden, former Vice President, also said: “I just wish he (Trump) opened it once in a while instead of brandishing it. If he opened it, he could have learned something. That we’re all called to love one another as we love ourselves.” 

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  • Marty says:

    Who wrote the headline? The little #BunkerBoy is called Donald not Dolad. Also, Trump is not related to Hitler.

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