Of Pastors’s Perfection: Unneeded and Dangerous Narrative

Of Pastors’s Perfection: Unneeded and Dangerous Narrative

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 1:24 pm

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his 5G conspiracy theory

By Ena Ofugara

Since the basis of people believing 5G and other wrong things said from the pulpit is based on the fact that their pastor is PERFECT and cannot make a mistake, let me point out one HUGE PROOF that no man, be he MAN OF GOD or MAN OF SATAN is perfect.
Note. God never asked for PERFECTION. He chose a stammerer, Moses, who also had a bad temper to do the greatest miracle of parting the Red Sea and liberating Israelites from Egypt. Romans 3:10. None is RIGHTEOUS. NO not ONE.
Yet, on my status, whenever I tell people their pastor is wrong, people hyperventilate and talk about how the Holy Spirit makes people PERFECT or how God’s call makes them PERFECT or how the fact that they have done so much for the ministry and for humanity and led many to Christ or that they are great teachers of the word, then they are PERFECT. Roman 3:23 For ALLLL have sinned and come short of the glory of the Lord.
So here is my take on a PERFECT MAN.. They were never created. We are made of DUST….You handsome pastor is perfect and is right always? Perfect people do not divorce. Yes I said it.
As someone who knows about divorce FIRST HAND, I can tell you that for there to be divorce, IMPERFECTION must meet UNFORGIVENESS, an IMPERFECTION ITSELF. No perfect people divorce. God’s PERFECT PLAN is for people to stay married forever. So if for ANY reason people divorce, then neither of them is PERFECT.
1. They did not choose the PERFECT PARTNER. Perfect people choose perfect partners.
2. They did not act Perfectly. PERFECT PEOPLE ACT PERFECTLY and so divorce is never in the horizon.
3. They would have corrected theirs or their partner’s mistakes. PERFECT PEOPLE correct their mistakes… Hey!!! Perfect people do not make mistakes.
4. Or just continued to forgive 70 times 7 and be long-suffering as stated in the Bible.
Again, God never told us he wanted PERFECT PEOPLE. We all, as Christians, are to strive for PERFECTION. But God does not expect that of us, nor of his ministers.
So when we say your pastor is wrong on so and so count, and offer up scientific and even Biblical proof, do not come fighting. Be circumspect and say “Did pastor listen to the wrong people or did he fail to do proper research on this topic.”
It is failure to accept that our Men Of God are but men and capable of being wrong. That makes educated people open Facebook and type that Pastor Chris IS CORRECT and or that he PROVED that 5G is what caused death in Wuhan or that if a virus can stay alive on a surface, then it is airborne (hepatitis stays on surfaces for hours and is still not airborne) and that Face Masks are an embarrassment to real science and that COVID-19 is about shutting the church down and that pastors who support the shutdown are about money to be given them and that they have never known Christ…. and that people with COVID19 must not be stopped from coming to church because the church is the place for healing”. Did Jesus take the lepers into the Church/Synagogue BEFORE HEALING THEM or only after their healing did he ask them to show themselves to the priests?
All this talk is HUMAN and WRONG. It is DANGEROUSLY WRONG.
Nothing in the teachings make Pastor Chris any less a Christian or man of God. It just makes him more HUMAN and capable of mistakes in his teaching as he MUST HAVE MADE IN HIS HOME that led to separation and DIVORCE.
I am saying all this so we can all be wise and do the needful by wearing masks in crowded spaces, washing hands and looking unto God and HE ALONE for our salvation.
He (God) can never share his GLORY with MORTAL MEN who will all fall sick one day and DIE whether NOW or 50 years time.

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  • NDIBE Madu says:

    It is quite worrying and concerning that the press reportage in Nigeria has failed to report these unprecedented movement of people from the Northern Nigeria to the South Ease and South West of Nigeria. We should not be chasing rat such as the issue of 5G communication. Who the house is burning do not bent on chasing rat.

    There has been huge number of young men purport to be Almajaris who do not speak Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri and other Nigerian languages. These young men are definitely imported from outside Nigeria. The reason for their invitation has not been explained to Nigerians. The movement of these people poses security risk to the people of the South Ease and South West. It would be preposterous that total strangers should be imported to enter Nigeria to come and claim the ancestral land of the Nigerian people.

    Intelligence coming out from the South East and South West indicates that the unprecedented movement of these foreigners are also backed up with importation of ammunition with the trend. When the movement was questioned the Arewa Youth leader Mr. Shettima came out beating drum of war against the South East knowing fully well that the South East are not cowards. The South East is unfazed with war. The Presidency has failed to ask questions and the trend continues unabated. The 5G communication is the problem that are facing the South East and South West. The Arewa Youth has been unguided and unmeasured in his comments over the issue of trafficking people from the North to the South in their drove. You cannot use 35 buses full of people transporting them to a geopolitical zone without proper arrangement for them.

    Just few days a Mosque in Aba South East of Nigeria yielded so many guns on searching the Mosque by men of the security agency. These guns are linked to these unprecedented movement of people. The search and its yield got to show that they are calculated or orchestrated plan to foment war in the South East. The South East are our father’s land and will be defended vigorously.

    Make no mistake that introduction of 5G does not mean any thing to deflate the main issues such as the movement of these able bodied men being transporting to our region without any questions. We need to hear from the Press what these movement were all about amid the Coronavirus

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