Covid-19: 15-Key Warnings in Gov El-Rufai’s Media Chat

Covid-19: 15-Key Warnings in Gov El-Rufai’s Media Chat

Friday, May 22, 2020 10:29 pm

Governor El-Rufai

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has told anyone who cares to listed that he is dead serious about completely wrestling covid-19 (which many believe is still a fluke) to the ground. Thus, with emphatic knocks on the table, he told journalists on 20 May his resolve not to compromise on the war. What he issued was like the Hammurabi’s code or laws. You ignore them at your own peril!

What he said could be summarized into 15 key points:

  1. No date on the lifting of the lockdown.
  2. Anyone who goes to Kano or any other town for sallah should not come back to kaduna.
  3. The Almajiri system is totally prohibited and abolished in Kaduna.
  4. Before sallah, KDSG will share palliative donated by a mobile telecom co. to the vulnerable and poor.
  5. From 21 May, 2020, KDSG will commence payment of May salary to its civil servants to enable them (Muslims though) prepare for the feast.
  6. The govt will increase the temporary markets in order to reduce crowd!
  7. Mosques will not be opened for those shouting for it to be opened. They don’t love the religion more than Saudi Arabia that has kept all mosques closed.
  8. The “strange”deaths in Kano State are nothing but effect of Corona killing people. They know but they just don’t want to tell people.
  9. Enemies and illiterate politicians that we defeated in the last general elections are the ones deceiving the people to rubbish us because we defeated them.
  10. On sallah day, I (El-rufai) will personally travel to KD-KANO border and supervise activities going on there.

The Deputy Gov. will travel to KD-KATSINA to supervise activities on that axis,
while SSG will be around KD-ABUJA axis to stop erring motorists from coming into KD with sallah gifts.

  1. All the decisions taken are taken for the good interest of our people.
  2. Anyone doubting the existence of Corona virus should come to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House (Govt House) and let’s take him to the hospital wards where the victims of the virus are presently kept to spend two days, if he feels it in his body, he will know the story to tell.
  3. KDSG has sanctioned the sale of Zaria Hotel, the govt will refund the money to the initial buyers. Govt will now build a Hospital there.
  4. During Easter, no individual or Group of Christian Clergies came and begged for Churches to be opened for the celebration. They knew that even The Bacilica in Rome, Italy was closed.
  5. No one single case of Corona virus in Southern Kaduna because they are obeying the lockdown rules. Cases of the virus are around Northern KD.

“Good afternoon Colleagues and Barka da Sallah in advance. Above message is forwarded for the awareness of those traveling to or through Kaduna State during Sallah Holiday to prepare for valid identification/justification so as to avoid embarrassment by His Excellency and his Team.


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