Come out boldly, former Kogi Governor Ibrahim, son berate attackers

Come out boldly, former Kogi Governor Ibrahim, son berate attackers

Friday, May 22, 2020 8:01 pm

Alh. Ibrahim Idris (CON), former Governor Kogi State

Former Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and his son Abubakar Ibrahim have challenged their attackers to come out boldly, if they are acting on truth. They have both been attacked over the prolonged legal battle on the People’s Democratic Party, PDP Governorship ticket in the State, with a call by Coalition of Kogi State Likeminds, CKSL requesting that the duo be declared as Persona Non Grata.

In a swift reaction however, Ibrahim’s media office said the attackers are “people of little minds with perverse understanding of the workings of democracy parading as egg heads.” The statement reads as follows:

“Attention seekers and political masquerades are on the loose in the Confluence State. Their current engagement is championed by an an amorphous Coalition of Kogi State Likeminds CKSL, in the United States of America, USA, with an infanous mission to assassinate the hard earned reputation of others.

“The group in a badly worded statement by it’s Chairman, one Fredrick Attah launched an
unprovoked attack on former Governor of the State, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and his son Abubakar Ibrahim. Attah who derogatively referred to the duo as ‘demigods’ accused them of frustrating Engr. Musa Wada’s plan to become the next Governor of Kogi State. He recommended that the father and son should be declared as ‘personal non grata.’

“It is annoying to see people of little minds with a pervassed understanding of the workings of democracy parading as egg heads. It is either Attah and his cohorts
have sojourned in self exile abroad for too long thereby loosing touch with events at home or they are beclouded by pecuniary expectations from their pay master. In either case, their condition calls for pity.

Abubakar felt short-changed in a Democratic exercise that was aborted by unknown gunmen.
Rather than take the law into his own hands he opted to pursue his grievances in the courts of law. Engr. Wada also felt the same way in the general election and he headed for the tribunal. Unfortunately for men like Attah, they can see the merit in Wada’s quest but the clog in their eyes blinds them to the nobility of Abubakar’s mission.

Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, a personal non grata? A successful businessman, whose years in public service as Governor of his State has become a reference point for good governance in the State and an elder stateman with a CON national honour, certainly does not fit into the profile of a personal non grata. Atta and his sponsors should de-robe out of the masquerades and let us peruse their anticedents. They should come out boldly and let us know them, if they are truthful.

We call on the good people of Kogi State to ignore the faceless group and their clandestine activities. They want to be seen as ideologues. But, they have no identifiable ideology. No amount of intimidation or name calling will derail Abubakar from his search for justice. He asks for nothing more.

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