Heartbreaking photo of husband, wife fighting Covid-19 together

Heartbreaking photo of husband, wife fighting Covid-19 together

Thursday, April 16, 2020 10:59 am

The medical doctor couple in the front tline of battle against Covid-19

By Nehru Odeh

Social media is buzzing with a haunting picture of two spouses who are both medical doctors fighting covid -19 together. The picture speaks volume not just the of the  huge sacrifices those doctors and health officials, who are most vulnerable,  face putting their lives on the line to save lives, it also tells much about their mortality and the risk of dying.

The heartbreaking picture also shows the silence and love they share and the irony that they cannot touch each other even though they are husband and wife.

The photo, which was posted recently by a Twitter user with name @hvgoenka shows two doctors — husband and wife — in their protective gears, hugging each other.

While sharing the image, Goenka wrote, “A husband and wife team fighting COVID-19 together. They work all seven days for 18 hours a day and they can’t touch each other except while wearing safety equipment in case one is infected. These are just two of the thousands of heroes that are battling the front lines in this war”.

You can read the tweet and some of the reactions here:

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