Nigeria and the 5G Technology Conundrum

Nigeria and the 5G Technology Conundrum

Sunday, April 5, 2020 4:07 pm

Adegbenro Adebanjo

By Adegbenro Adebanjo

To be sure 5G has nothing to do with the spread of viruses. And it is not in any way responsible for the ravaging Corona Virus global Pandemic. However there are salient reasons why the deployment of 5G Technology has become controversial all over the world .And the main reason is its potential to increase Electromagnetic pollution and the attendant adverse effect on the health of humans as well as the biosphere. Some medical experts have also raised the possibility of its electromagnetic rays penetrating our sweat pores and altering our sleep patterns. There are also fears that it could engender harm and adverse physiological impact on the nervous system of man and animal. That is why countries with better health care systems are wary of 5G Technology citing the possibility of increase in cancerous ailments and other human physiological problems. Some scientists have also claimed that it could also affect plant production and growth with adverse effect on the regional and global fauna.

These are real fears that should not be dismissed with the wave of the hand. So countries that are yet to put their health systems in proper shape should be more careful in the rush to join the league of 5G Technology nations. There is something in the 5G configuration that appears not to jell even with countries with first rate technologies. They appear to abhor a lot of fears about it. Some of them have expressed the misgivings about the 5G Technology in their parliaments warning their country leaders not to acquire the technology in spite of its many advantages. Others have simply adopted the wait and see posture postponing the acquisition until such a time when everything about the technology is laid bare by its manufacturers and promoters.

The major concern of those in clear opposition is that the cell sites of 5G are mounted close together- like the lamps of street lights- to deliver ultra-fast internet connectivity. Therefore , to those who are opposed to the deployment of 5G Technology, the fear of ultra-fast emission of electromagnetic pollution which will be harmful to man and animal is real. For some scientists, the technology comes with clear and present danger to the health of man and his environment. There are also some extreme claims like those who believe that 5G Technology would confer undue advantages on those who develop it when it comes to espionage and cyber warfare.

Of course there could be some exaggeration as to its overall effect, what is not in doubt is that in spite of its many promises, 5G Technology would also have some drawbacks. Without doubt there is an underlying war of attrition between America and China over the new technology and a lot of propaganda, half-truths and outright lies have become part of the war .This has beclouded the truth. Dispassionate analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of 5G Technology has been and is still being slaughtered on the altar of the open and hidden war of economic and Technological supremacy between America and China or to put it more succinctly between President Xi and President Trump. There are a lot of countries, global organizations, influential bodies and individuals fighting a fierce proxy war for and on behalf of China and USA and Trump and Xi.

Therefore Nigeria too needs to tarry and get all the facts right before deciding on what to do. This is not a time to rush it through. Indeed there is no compelling reason to acquire 5G Technology for Nigeria with immediate alacrity. Nigeria should thread softly in joining the league of 5G countries. The well-being and welfare of the Nigerian People should guide all policies and decisions. And this should come to play on this matter. Nigeria should, out of abundance of caution, put the deployment of 5G Technology in abeyance for now.

-Adebanjo, a Media Specialist, sent this piece via [email protected]

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