Salawa Abeni speaks on nude photos for the first time

Salawa Abeni speaks on nude photos for the first time

Friday, April 3, 2020 6:51 pm

Salawa Abeni. The photo in question


Salawa Abeni, the Queen of Waka music, who set the internet on fire on Wednesday when she released her nude photos in order to prevent a blackmailer from doing so, has said she took those pictures 30 years ago. The artiste, who will be 60 next year, said he posted the photos because she has nothing to lose.

The artiste speaks on the nude photos for the first time in an interview with presenters on Your View, an all-female talk show on TVC today. NEHRU ODEH monitored the interview in Lagos.


When did this happen?

It happened the day before yesterday.

Do you remember when you took the pictures?

‘I don’t remember because I took them a long time ago.

When the blackmailer contacted you, what exactly did he say? Did he send the message through WhatsAPP?

He sent a message to me. He said, “Hello madam.” I didn’t answer because I didn’t know the person. The next thing he said was “I have your nude picture with me. He then asked whether I like people to see it and that we should negotiate. I didn’t say anything. He was sending the pictures. He then said, “How do you see it, the popular Salawa Abeni seeing her nude pictures on Instalgram.” I didn’t say anything. I was just reading it.  Then he did a video call and asked whether I had picked them. He then said we should negotiate, that I should pay.

How much is he asking for?

I did not ask him. If I had asked him, maybe he would have told me. I didn’t answer. I was just reading the message. He then said when I pay, he would burn all the pictures and show them to me. I didn’t say anything. I was just reading it. Then he sent the pictures to me. Still I was silent. He said, “Ah ah, you did not answer? Are you amazed?” He then said his name was Jason, that he was giving me three days ultimatum to respond. I didn’t say anything. I was just reading it. The conversation started at about 7:30am and ended 10:15am.

Why you decide to post the pictures yourself?. What was your initial reaction?

I didn’t want him to do any funny thing. I am going to be 60 next year.. I have been singing for the past 46 years. And somebody just came from nowhere saying he is going to blackmail me? For what reason, someone I didn’t know. I said Ok if it is this pictures you think you can use to collect money from me, let me post them myself. (laughs). Let everybody see them. I have nothing to lose. And I posted them so that the wjole world can see them. The reactions I have received so far are beyond what I expected. Everybody started posting it.They started fighting for me.

Did you recognize the pictures when he sent them to you? At what point did you lose those pictures?

I can’t remember. The pictures were taken about 30 years ago. You can tell the difference between then and now. Maybe when I took those pictures I was in the hospital, sick, or with my partner.

Have you reported the matter to the police officially?

I have reported it to the police.

Have they found him?’

They said they are working on it. We still spoke yesterday.

Have the support you have so far received been encouraging?

In fact, the responses I have received so far are beyond my expectations. My phones are filled with calls and messages.  I will answer them one after the other. Because I can’t answer two, three persons at a time. But I will make sure I answer everybody because their responses have been encouraging. .

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  • This is a wonderful brave woman. The best way to handle a blackmailer is to do the very thing he thinks you will be too afraid to do. Then whatever wants to happen. One way or the other, God will see us all through whatever.

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