Covid-19 Isolation Centre Commissioning: Why Critics Blast Imo Governor

Covid-19 Isolation Centre Commissioning: Why Critics Blast Imo Governor

Friday, April 3, 2020 6:27 pm



Uzodinma commissions Covid-19 isolation centre

Early 3 April, Governor Hope Uzodinma, of Imo State commissioned the State’s 100 bed isolation center. The event was shown live by Chanels television. 

For this, the Governor has become an object of criticism for turning what should be a sober period to that of showmanship.

One of the critics, Eniola Salu Akin, observed the following on social media:

1. The mass of humanity milling around at the event is totally uncalled for at this time when the world is discouraging social gatherings.

2. There was very little attempt made at social distancing.

3. Why do we need a special event to commission an isolation center in the middle of a pandemic?

4. Why do we need to spend scarce resources on Covid-19 branded caps and reflector jackets? 

5. Why spend scarce resources buying expensive airtime to broadcast a totally unnecessary event?

He added: “I am saddened by the fact that it appears we will misuse the opportunity presented by this pandemic to become better people if we continue with business as usual. Let’s all wake up to the dangers around us and advise ourselves. The world has changed. We better change along with it.”


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