Covid-19: Stop Blaming God

Covid-19: Stop Blaming God

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 4:16 pm

Ena Ofugara

By Ena Ofugara

God did not bring any virus. There are more homosexuals and gays in Holland. People have been free to smoke marijuana there for over ten years. They have women and men prostitutes in show glasses like as you show eggroll in Mile 12. Transvestites and gays walk and move freely, day and night and kiss inside churches. 

If Corona virus is judgement for gay parade and gay marriage, tell me how many people from Holland that has openly embraced homosexuality for aeons, tell me the number of those dead there. 

Iran stones gays to death. Belgium embraces them.   Norway does not even carry about what you do in your bedroom or anywhere sexually. In which of both countries has CORONA VIRUS wreaked havoc to the leaders and peoples? 

Humanity, under the present leadership and their war games may have brought a virus on themselves. Maybe it is just mutation. But maybe it is war games, and arms race as CHAMPIONED BY TRUMP who has spent more money building death machines like nuclear bombs than many past leaders of America.  

Perhaps Trump thought the virus was simple and they had the antidote so did not take it seriously. Perhaps the virus mutated and the antidote was no longer effective

On God, America, Iran and More

After Trump MURDERED the Iranian general in cold blood and unprovoked just to remove attention from his impeachment, and when COVID 19 infected Iranian leaders and was dealing with China, another of my then respected Co PDP supporter said even God is dealing with Trump’s enemies with Corona. That whoever comes against Trump will have Corona destroy them. He said COVID19 was proof Trump was of God.

I shook my head and scrolled on, saying nothing.

So now that America has more deaths than Iran from Corona, Is God punishing the enemies of Iran and China? Is Corona now proof Trump is not of God?

Leave God’s name out of your mouths when talking about the racist pussy/grabbing adulterous demagogue Trump. Leave his name out of your human-manufactured biological weapons, likely including Corona or rather COVID19. Leave Gods name out of references to corporate greed and war mongers.

Whatever humanity has done with the COVID 19, leave Jehovah God out of it. He never promised pestilence anymore  until he returned to take his own. His son died so he can send the COMFORTER and not CORONA. 

Leave Jehovah out of humanity’s mess

Stop ascribing CORONA VIRUS to Jehovah or Allah for that matter.

-Ena Ofugara, lawyer, writer, social critic, writes from the United States


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