1963-2020: Dethronements of Kano Emirs Political, Personal

1963-2020: Dethronements of Kano Emirs Political, Personal

Monday, March 9, 2020 3:33 pm

Mohammadu Sanusi II,

By Tahir Musawa

In 1963 the Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello, dethroned Sarki Muhammadu Sanusi (I). He was banished to Azare. It was personal, it was political.

In 1982 Governor Muhammad Abubakar Rimi returned the dethroned Emir to Wudil. He also created four new Emirates, the same ones that the Kano State House of Assembly has just created. Rimi did it to spite Sarki Ado Bayero. It was personal, it was political.

In 1983 Governor Sabo Bakin Zuwo reversed the creation of the four new Emirates. He did it to spite Abubakar Rimi. It was personal, it was political.

In 2014 Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso appointed Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (Muhammadu Sanusi (ll)) to the throne of his grandfather. He did it to spite President Goodluck Jonathan who had suspended SLS as CBN Governor. It was personal, it was political. Bear in mind that Kwankwaso and SLS were at daggers drawn. SLS had openly criticised Kwankwaso’s decision to spend N700m to build a liason office in Abuja; Kwankwaso had in turn asked UBA to sack SLS who was a GM with UBA. Never mind. In 2014 appointing SLS to the throne of his forefathers suited Kwankwaso.

Sarki Muhammadu Sanusi (Il) cannot on any account be called politically naive. He ought to have chosen his battles wisely. Amir Muhammadu Sanusi (Il) is a reformist ruler, his subjects need him desperately. Almajiranci/bara (street begging), girl-child education, abuse of polygamy, abuse of divorce, drug abuse are issues the Emir has placed on the front burner. His subjects need him desperately. By not balancing his actions and utterances with some circumspection he has allowed his sphere of influence to be whittled down by politicians who have no scruples. If he is dethroned it will be a massive let down. A brave and courageous General can only lead his troops to victory if he stays alive. Charging headlong into enemy lines is foolhardy, it will merely expose his troops his troops to needless danger and defeat.

That is where we are today. Sarki Muhammadu Sanusi (Il) has played into the hands of Ganduje and his House of unscrupulous Assembly members. The well being of the people means nothing to them. It’s personal, it’s political.

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  • Joseph says:

    Good talk: “It was personal, it was political”.
    Sanusi’s lies dethroned Jonathan and helped to entrone Buhari and Guaduje who have now dethroned him (Sanusi) as the emir of Kano. It might as well be that what he sowed, he eventually reaped! “It was personal, it was political”.
    All I can see in this matter is that that North is not willing to reform; send their children to school, end begging on the street, get Western education, in short the North wants to remain the same big old uncivilized close minded vengeful entity who kills any voice calling for any reform of any kind. Good luck the norther Nigeria. “It was personal, it was political”.

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