Placement of beams begins at Rivers’ Rebisi flyover bridge 

Placement of beams begins at Rivers’ Rebisi flyover bridge 

Saturday, March 7, 2020 9:47 am

Placement of Bridge Beams at Rebisi Flyover Bridge site

The construction of  Rebisi Flyover Bridge (Formerly Garrison) in Port Harcourt has reached advanced stage, with the commencement of the installation of bridge beams.
The contractors started the placement of the Bridge Beams with heavy cranes and top professionals at the site.
Finn Drosdowski ,Project manager for the flyover Bridge  said that the placement of the bridge beams will continue in the coming days.
He said: “Today is a remarkable day in this project. We did the first pile on the 23rd of October,  2019. We did the last pile on the 22 of February,  2020.
 “Now, this is the milestone of this project,  we are placing the first bridge beams of the Superstructure. This is a critical moment.  It is risky and requires  a lot of attention because the beam is 30 tonnes.
“We brought our specialists from the crane section in Abuja and the biggest crane we have in our company,  a 200 tonne mobile crane for the job. Thank God the weather was okay to place the two bridge beams today.”
He added: “We will continue with this process tomorrow and the target is to place two or three bridge beams everyday.”
He appealed to residents to continue to bear with  the company  as it works to deliver the three Flyover Bridges as scheduled and in line with specifications.
He said: “The next work is to place some groundwork between the beams, then we put reinforcements and cast the desk slabs.
“The target is to cast the first desk slab in March. I assure the public as they can see that the project is totally on track. We will complete the Rebisi ( Formerly Garrison) Flyover Bridge between end of August and beginning of September. We will complete all the three Flyover Bridges within the time frame allotted for them.
“For Rumuogba (Formerly Artillery) we are at the last pile cast. We are the abatement wall and the columns are coming up. The steps we are following at Okoro-Nu-Odo  .”
Residents of the area expressed their appreciation to the Rivers State Governor for initiating and funding the construction of the three Flyover Bridges.

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