Coronavirus: 9 steps taken by Ekiti State Govt

Coronavirus: 9 steps taken by Ekiti State Govt

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 7:08 am

Preventing Coronavirus in Nigeria

For the Ekiti State Government, a stitch in time not only saves nine, it prevents rags or nakedness. It has adopted some proactive measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic should it poke its snout at Ekiti.

This is also in line with the advice by the World Health Organisation that each political entity should not boast that the virus cannot pay a visit but that arrangements must be made to attack a first (index) case.

Therefore, below are the nine steps taken by Ekiti, in case of a bad scenario.

1) Gov. Fayemi set up a 40 – person Ekiti State Task Force on Covid-19 under his direct leadership with representatives from all relevant sectors including Medical experts, State and Local Government officials, Legislature, Religious bodies, Traditional institutions, NURTW, Market associations,CSOs and Development Partners.

2). Personal Protective Equipment for health workers will be provided for all public health facilities in the state. 

3). Well trained ,experienced and well equipped health workers will be available at all public health facilities in the 16 LGAs of Ekiti. 

4). Commencement of extensive community sensitization by health educators across towns and villages in all the 16 LGAs in Ekiti State. 

5). Ekiti State conducted a vulnerability map of all land borders and major motor parks leading into Ekiti State and measure will be put in place to screen inward bound passengers from heavy inflow areas first at motor parks of departure and at border towns. Ekiti State will work with the NURTW to maintain passenger manifests for fast traceability if the need arises. 

6).Activation of mass public awareness on all radio and TV stations in Ekiti State to educate, enlighten and correct rumours and misinformation on the threat of the virus. 

7)In line with National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC),Ekiti State Government have designated an isolation centre in the state to quarantine and /or treatment if necessary. Ekiti is also affiliated to a network of NCDC testing labs for fast evaluation of samples .

.Ekiti State Government has an active working relationship with the NCDC, and are getting support from all Federal structures involved in managing the COVID-19 threat .

9). Ekiti State Government has set up a 24/7 Emergency Operation Centre to coordinate its response to the virus . Dedicated hotlines have been made available to the public to call of they suspect infection. The National Emergency Number 112 is also active in Ekiti State. Citizens can call in free of charge to report any emergency.

Emergency Number…. 112 

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