Verbatim: Danjuma blows hot over goings-on in Nigeria

Verbatim: Danjuma blows hot over goings-on in Nigeria

Friday, December 20, 2019 4:24 pm

TY Danjuma

“In Yorubaland, everybody seems to have lost their voice. People appear not to care about what is happening. If I tell you what I know that is happening in Nigeria today, you will no longer sleep. If you want details, I will give it to you privately. We are in a big hole as a nation. And people who put us in this hole have continued today. So, we have to wake up.”


-Danjuma said this in Ibadan at the launch of ‘70 Years of Progressive Journalism,’a book by the Nigerian Tribune,

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  • Shima K Gyoh says:

    TY Danjuma has not only an obligation to tell us, openly, but also a moral duty to do so. As a highly decorated and top military man, he should fear nothing.

  • Odogwu_Aganaga says:

    but where is general irons???

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