Unilag patents 11 inventions in 18 months

Unilag patents 11 inventions in 18 months

Thursday, December 5, 2019 8:46 am

University of Lagos

The University of Lagos says it successfully patented  11 inventions in the last 18 months, with three of them being prototyped.
The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Oluwatoyin  Ogundipe, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos.
Ogundipe spoke about the developmental strides in the university especially in the area of research, and the successes recorded by his administration of two years.
Ogundipe who was sworn in as the 12th Vice Chancellor of university in 2017 and recently celebrated  two years in office  on Nov. 12th.
The vice chancellor said hi administration had attracted  research grants of over N7 billion.
According to the professor of botany,  the institution’s Innovation Unit recently received  patent certificates for six inventions submitted for patenting in February.
He said that the inventions included  a Unique Improved Selected Fishing Traps by scholars of the Department of Marine Science of the university,  with two others from the Nigeria Institute Of Oceanography and Marine Research.
The patent application number  for the innovation is NG/P/2019/00098
The don further listed the other inventions to include  Solar Power Neonate Phototherapy Device Station by scholars of the Departments of Physics  and Paedraitrics, College of Medicine of the university, with patent application number NG/P/2019/000099.
An Epoxy Particulate Hybrid Nanocomposite for Automobile Bumper Application, with patent application number NG/P/2019/000100 by scholars of the Dept of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is one of the inventions.
Also, Road Vehicle Black Box Security Surveillance System, with patent application number 000101 also  by scholars of the  Department t of Physics of the university, is among the inventions.
Equally  patented  is a Thick Dual-Slot Antenna for Microwave Ablation of Breast Tumour, by scholars in the College of Medicine of the institution. It has  patent application number  NG/P/2919/000103 among.
“Our programmes for research grants are some of those things that  we are very excited about.
“University is about research grants and Unilag is about research. We are  research-oriented; therefore, we are positive that what we are working on now will definitely have impact on the system, and the nation will benefit from it.
“We just had a formal presentation of the Fourth  Research Grants/Award of the Professor Ayo Ogunye Chair in Chemical Engineering put together by the Professor Ayo Francis Ogunye Trust Foundation of the University of Lagos.
“It is intended to support PhD students of the institution to carry out research work as well as make it easy for the research work to be well-funded.
“The university is elated at the development because the foundation has done this, four times,  with our PhD students winning it thrice.
“We have listed some of our efforts in research already, one of it, the Solar Power Neonate Phototherapy Device Station, and other innovation ideas are  even going to be exhibited at the Lagos State Innovation programme coming up on  Dec. 5.
“We are indeed happy,” Ogundipe said.
According to him, the the outgoing year has been wonderful for the university in the area of research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
“What we also want to say is that we still have a lot of grounds  to break as far as research is concerned in the university.
“We have a higher ground that we are moving to,” he said.
The vice chancellor said that his projection for the institution for  2020 would be to make it more visible globally.
“We also want to be celebrated more in the area of ground-breaking research works, innovation, entrepreneurship and setting up businesses for our students.
“We also want Unilag to be known for its academic programmes and in its students ability to compete globally.
“More importantly, we  want it to be known as a university that is showing forth the light,” Ogundipe told NAN.
 Prof. Ayo Ogunye, a former lecturer in the university, said that research output determined a university’s position  in the world university ranking.
He urged Ogundipe not to relent in his determination to push for scholarship.
“I want Unilag to be number one, and we are lucky to have the kind of vice chancellor we have now who has passion for scholarship.
“We must support our scholars in the area of research.
“So far, a total of 45 scholars have benefited from the Research Grants/Award of the Professor Ayo Ogunye Chair in Chemical Engineering
“For us, it is a way of giving back to the university that made me what I am today. The research grant of N1.5 million started about four years ago but before then, we were giving prizes.
“When we do this, we feel satisfied because, it is investing in human capacity development and as well placing the system on the right  path.
“We must always be willing to extend a hand of fellowship for  good courses and for the sake of posterity,” he said.
Ogunye, a Professor of Chemical Engineering, facilitated the setting up of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Lagos.
He was appointed Head of the Department  at age 31.

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