Love Can Put An End To Xenophobia in Africa- Samuel

Love Can Put An End To Xenophobia in Africa- Samuel

Thursday, September 5, 2019 5:20 pm

Violence against Nigerians in South Africa

Prophet I. O Samuel, General Overseer of Shiloh Word Chapel, Abuja and the leader of a non-profit organization, Africa Unite, Say No to Xenophobia, has lent his voice to the vexed issue of violence being unleashed on Nigerians in South Africa. This development has provoked a lot of reactions across the globe, with Nigeria and many African countries boycotting the World Economic Forum holding right now in South Africa.

African Unite

According to Samuel: “Africa is under developed with so much mineral deposits and highly talented  intellectuals. They are highly energetic, but diverted to hate and violence. Africa needs to grow up now or never! I sympathize with those who lost their loved ones in the past and in this present crisis.”

He added that love “connects all things; development, inventions, education, science and technology. For health care development and social relationship, love is key. Love is gone from the leadership class. Anger, unforgiveness, envy, pride, malice and religious killings have dwarfed this continent! I cry for our mother Africa must unite in love.”

“The great nations (like America) are highly developed today because the of the unity (of the diverse races that came together), they are united and they made up the United States  Of America giving aids to other nations today. As we copy many things  from them, let’s copy the foundation, which is love! Let love lead Africa. May God bless Africa.”


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