Flee Sexual Temptation: Adeboye Advises Pastors

Flee Sexual Temptation: Adeboye Advises Pastors

Saturday, July 6, 2019 3:04 pm

Pastor E. A Adeboye

By Oluwafisayo Oyeromade Ogunjimi

At the July Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Holy Ghost service that ended on Kilometre 46, Lagos Ibadan expressway, early this morning, the General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, indirectly spoke on the COZA Pastor saga. He warned that Ministers of God must do everything possible to flee sexual temptation.

In his words: “People accuse me of not speaking but I am under authority of CAN and PFN and whatever they say is what I have said but I feel compelled to say some things…

To those who are young and upcoming ministers of God

1. It is written, there’s nothing hid that will not come to the open Mark 4:22. You think you’ve done something and it is covered? Then you can throw away your bible because the person who said hidden things will come to open is the truth himself, the harbinger of grace

2. Sooner or later, according to number 32:23, your sin will find you out. If you have given your life to Jesus, His blood will wash away your sin but if you continue in sin under the guise of grace, as the Lord lives your sin will find you out.

3. The bible says you must abstain from every appearance of evil 1 Thes 5:22. The elders say “they want to burn you, you rub yourself with oil and sit near fire, you’ve made the job easy”. The elders say ” they are calling you a thief, and you are playing with the child of a goat”. The elders say, what you are not going to eat, don’t smell”, avoid every appearance of evil

4. The bible says, if the devil comes to you face to face, you fight him but according to 2Tim 2:22, he said “when you find yourself facing youthful lust/temptation, don’t wait to fight, FLEE. When you see a sister smiling at you in a koikoi way, run!!! Don’t say “I’m a great man of God, I’m highly anointed” , ask Samson.

I agree I am old fashioned, they called me so when I said I will never have a female private secretary because when a woman accuses you of something, nobody is going to listen to you, NOBODY!. They will listen to the woman. When you ask for witness, sister will say, ” do they invite people to such things”

I am old fashioned, I was ordained in 1975 and still surviving, it is better to be old fashioned and live than to be modern and die…

He finishes by saying;

“I’ve not said anything o, only the bible has been speaking”.

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