“Nobody is coming to take our land in Ekiti”- Fayemi

“Nobody is coming to take our land in Ekiti”- Fayemi

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 4:59 pm



…Visits Orin where a hunter was murdered by suspected gunmen

The arguments shifted back and forth like sand dunes. While there were people saying that Governor Kayode Fayemi would give out Ekiti land for the much debated Rural Grazing Reserve because of what they rumoured was his 2023 presidential ambition, others swore by their grandfathers’ beards that the Governor would be the last to do that, even as citizens of his state are slaughtered by bandits with no much efforts than killing maggots.

On Monday when he paid a sympathy visit to Orin-Ekiti, Ido/Osi Local Government Area of the state where a local hunter was murdered by suspected gunmen, Fayemi seized the opportunity of the occasion to respond to that.

In his words: “Nobody is coming to take our land in Ekiti, the governor of Ekiti State has power over the land of Ekiti and it is the person that the governor gives land in Ekiti that can use the land of Ekiti.

“If there are negative comments being peddled around that some people are coming to take over Ekiti land, take over Orin land, take over Ido land, it’s a mere hearsay.

“It cannot happen in Ekiti except I am no longer the governor of Ekiti State and there is nobody that can be governor in Ekiti that will cede Ekiti land to outsiders because our land is not even enough for us.

“Adequate security of our people is what concerns me most in Ekiti and Nigeria and I want our people to ignore lies and falsehood some individuals are spreading around.

“There is nobody that will be governor in Ekiti that will allow outsiders to take over our communities from the people here or say that people coming from elsewhere should come and take over Ekiti (land).

“Those saying these are only playing politics with the matter. This is not politics; security is an issue that concerns all of us.

“Some individuals have been spreading baseless rumours to cause disaffection because they are no longer in power and it is their wish that Ekiti should be consumed by anarchy.”

On security, governor Fayemi said that not up to three weeks now traditional rulers and community leaders held a meeting and deliberated on measures and ways to tackle security challenges. No single individual or group can, according to him, do the work of security; “the local hunters know their areas and terrains very well than the men of our security agencies and it will serve the people well if they work together.”

He added: “I am in Orin today to sympathize with you and tell you of the steps being taken by the government. There is no way we can be happy in Ekiti hearing that one of our people was killed more so when the victim was one of our party leaders in Orin.

“Since the incident happened on Saturday, you have seen more soldiers and policemen here in Orin and they are on the trail of perpetrators and we will not relent in our efforts until they are found.

“Government will do everything possible to prevent a reoccurrence of what happened and from now, you will see more security people not only in Orin but in other parts of Ekiti. They are not here to fight you but to protect you.

“Those responsible for this shall be made to face the full wrath of the law. Other steps that will be taken will be revealed in due course.”

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