Morning Shows The Day: Ihedioha and Rule of Law

Morning Shows The Day: Ihedioha and Rule of Law

Saturday, June 15, 2019 3:29 pm

Governor Ihedioha watching as Barrister Ndukwe Nnawuchi (SAN) takes his oath as Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Imo State

By Steve Osuji

QUIZ: What is the most important ingredient of governance?

ANSWER: Some would say accountability, transparency, honestly of purpose even fear of God!

All these elements are important and necessary in the leadership of a government but it has been determined that the strongest determinant factor to good governance of a modern state is strict adherence to RULE OF LAW plus the minor adjunct: putting square pegs in square holes.

These are the principles HE Governor Emeka Ihedioha has espoused these early days of his administration in Imo State.

A current testament is the appointment of Barrister Ndukwe Nnawuchi (SAN) as Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice.

Apart from the fact that the new A-G and Hon. Commissioner is the first member of the Inner Bar to be so appointed in Imo State, Nnawuchi brings on board, a long string of professional distinction and glaring excellence.

Notwithstanding his high ratings, HE Governor Ihedioha yet issued clear mandates and policy direction:

* he desires a government anchored on rule of law and due process;

* he directs that a process to reform the administration of justice system of the state must be initiated immediately;

* this include but not limited to the introduction of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system in Imo State with a view to expediting justice delivery;

* a review of antiquated laws in the state, among other key elements of a comprehensive  judicial and legal system reforms.

In like manner, most of the appointments made so far by Governor Ihedioha has been much lauded as signposts of good things to happen to Imo State.

Morning indeed, shows the day…

-Steve Osuji is SA Media to the Imo Governor

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