Woman arrested for forcing daughter, 13, into prostitution

Woman arrested for forcing daughter, 13, into prostitution

Saturday, June 8, 2019 3:44 pm

A homeless Romanian woman has been arrested in Sicily for forcing her 13-year-old daughter into prostitution, in return for which she would obtain money, cigarettes, drinks, the use of a shower or a place to sleep.

In a statement, Italian police said they also apprehended four men who sexually abused the teenager, including a 90-year-old.

“They will all face rape charges as the age of consent in Italy is 14,’’ police said.

They said that the events took place in the south-eastern province of Ragusa, where the girl worked illegally in greenhouse plantations.

Officers discovered the alleged sex crimes while investigating cases of rural labour exploitation.

According to police, she used to have sex with fellow land workers from Italy, Romania or North Africa, either on the fields or in abandoned houses.

Otherwise, older men would abuse her in return for hospitality for her and her mother.

“Instead of protecting her daughter, the mother would exploit her receiving in return sums of money or other benefits such as wine, beer, cigarettes, the use of a shower or a home where to sleep,’’ police said.

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