Commentary: Anthony Joshua at the crossroads

Commentary: Anthony Joshua at the crossroads

Sunday, June 2, 2019 3:01 pm

Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua



Adegbenro Adebanjo


This is Andy Ruiz the man that beat Anthony Joshua to submission in Round 7 and snatched three World Championship Belts from him…. Something doesn’t just add up.

Could it be overconfidence on the part of Joshua, the hand of the world boxing mafia or just plain bungling and mother luck? Or was it Mexican Magic aka otumopo?

Boxing at this level is multi billion dollars industry and those who control it can do anything to change the tide and win bets. When they determine that your time is up they may make you lose and when they think your time has come they may make you win.

That may be part of the story at the Madison Square Garden on June 2,2019 when the little known Ruiz did the unthinkable.

I hope we all still remember the story of the rise and fall of Mike Tyson?

I just can’t put a finger to it.

If it’s what I suspect AJ needs all the luck in the world and subtlety of his camp to bounce back to reckoning

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