Grateful For Half Bread

Grateful For Half Bread

Friday, February 15, 2019 8:47 am

Ena Ofugara


By Ena Ofugara

He could have easily mobilized for Buhari’s removal and used it as threat and bargaining chip against Atiku.

You create a problem by saying “do not vote” “No election” etc. Many do not register nor collect their PVC.

Two days to election, after the silliness of the “do not vote” is trumpeted by all and sundry, you say “I” (like a supergod/dictator) have called off the boycott in Biafra land.

And many come to hail the very man. that caused the problem and permanently disenfranchised many for reversing self and praise him for being a “listener”, two days to election with many without PVC

And he did not tell the blind followers what preconditions etc were met. And what account the “precondition” that has been “signed sealed and delivered” was delivered to

Many Igbo men and women have been insulted to no end. Many non igbos too in trying to get their people to register and vote

Nnamdi Kanu’s tweet

But the very man who caused the self-imposed disenfranchisement….he is a hero now

For half solving a problem he caused

I am sorry. No matter how much a man washes his yansh, I do not kiss it

Good thing the almgity “I” canceled the boycott

But that never should have been on the table in the first place

When votes are counted, we will see the differential between Atiku and Buhari

Differentials a region is able to give is their power. Ask Kano, Kwankwaso and Ganduje. No one effs with Kano because of their differentials

Anyway, half bread is better than none. Maybe we should be thankful after all.

But one thing I know in my heart is that if the “order ” was not revoked, we would have all found out again, just like Anambra governorship elections, that Igbos have no Kings. No one bosses them around. That there are by far more brilliant people who use their heads than there are follow-follow in the south.

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