Netanyahu: EU’s 18m-euro aid plan for Iran is ‘big mistake’

Netanyahu: EU’s 18m-euro aid plan for Iran is ‘big mistake’

Friday, August 24, 2018 3:26 pm

Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu:


The European Union will come to regret its economic aid plan for Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu warned Friday.

“I think giving money to this regime at this time is a big mistake and should be stopped,” he said of the 18 million euros (20.9 million dollars) the EU earmarked to Iran as part of efforts to uphold the nuclear deal following the reimposition of U.S. sanctions.

“Where will the extra money go?” Netanyahu continued. “It is not going to go to solve the water problem in Iran, it is not going to go for Iranian truck drivers.”

“It is going to go to the missiles and the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.”

Netanyahu made the remarks on an official visit to Lithuania.

On Aug. 4, the United States reimposed sanctions targeting the Iranian financial system, including Iranian government purchases of U.S. dollars, gold trade and government bond sales.

More sanctions are due in November, including measures to prevent Iran from selling oil.

The European Commission said its aid will go toward supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, tackling environmental challenges and reducing drug harm.(dpa/NAN)

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