Herdsmen Attacks: Businessman’s Whereabouts Unknown 4 Years After

Herdsmen Attacks: Businessman’s Whereabouts Unknown 4 Years After

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 2:02 pm

Olalekan Adebola Idowu

Olalekan Adebola Idowu, a 38 years old businessman resident in Kaduna has been missing since November 2014. His mysterious disappearance has been largely traced to the consistent attacks of Gumsa village, an interior of Yobe state by the herdsmen in that year which saw a number of villages completely raised down and the innocent inhabitants of the villages brutally murdered. Olalekan was however sighted escaping into the desert by an eye witness but has not been seen since then .

Until his disappearance, Olalekan Idowu had worked in various companies in Lagos before he decided to go into leather business which saw him moving from one city and village to another in the northern part of the country where this product abounds. His hope of settling down to have his own family one day could not however be realized ever since he escaped into the desert the onslaught of of the herdsmen militia which took place at different locations of the north east the same year.

A graduate of one of the Nigerian Universities, Olalekan Idowu had an uneasy family background that saw him disentangled from his parents who themselves were caught and embroiled in an inheritance battle that threatened their lives and that of the children. It was this same fear and threat to life that informed Olalekan total relocation to the north where he was successfully practising his trade and where he eventually disappeared from.

As at the time of filling this report, his whereabouts could not be confirmed since November 2014. There are however conflicting reports. Some said he actually escaped into the desert and eventually Europe where he believed he could get adequate protection and security for his life while others are saying he has been murdered by the rampaging and killer herdsmen. However, one fact is however sure and sacrosanct, Olalekan Idowu’s life was under serious threat before he disappeared.

His attempt at getting justice from the police and the Miyetti Allah Cattle Association, Kano state, also proved futile. His properties were destroyed, sources of income permanently blocked and his life constantly under threat because of harassment of herdsmen invasion and prolonged family feud. Only time will tell if Olalekan Idowu is actually enjoying the safety and protection that eluded him at home but as at this present moment his whereabouts still remains a mystery.

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