U.S Envoy urges Nigerians to promote dialogue across communities, religions

U.S Envoy urges Nigerians to promote dialogue across communities, religions

Thursday, July 26, 2018 7:43 am

US Embassy in Nigeria

The U.S Charge d’Affaires Nigeria, Mr David Young on Wednesday said Nigerians must act as peace makers and work to promote dialogue across communities, ethnics groups and religion, to end the recurring violence in the country.

The Envoy, who was in Plateau, Zamfara, and Kaduna States on fact finding visit on the security situation there, told the News Agency of Nigetia, NAN, in Kaduna that the Federal Government should also deploy more trained security personnel to face the challenges.

He agreed that the “issue is very complex now particularly with no simple solutions available,’’ but added that it is critical that “criminals should not get away with this kind of impunity and violence.

“Even though the government is making good effort and trying hard on the security issues, more need to be done to tackle the menace.

“At the same time it is important to develop initiatives and hope for the young people.

“We are partners with Nigeria in some of these areas in terms of improving education, health, economic opportunity and Agriculture,” Young said.

According to him, it is critically important that people have opportunities and hope to a better future, so that young people do not go into criminality.

The Envoy said that the United State Government would continue to work with Nigeria across board in different sectors in helping to create a better future including security.

“In terms of working with Nigeria on the North East as it combats Boko Haram, we partner in a number of ways on different issues, training, intelligence and information and other means.

“It has also approved the purchase of aircraft with very sophisticated gadgets that can be used by the Air Force against the insurgency in the North East.’’

Young added: “U.S contributes over one billion dollars each year to work with Nigerian partners to create a better future for Nigerians in so many ways.

“We look forward for to continue working with Nigeria for Nigerians in federal, states and local levels to address these challenges and the opportunities for this great country.’’

On the 2019 election, Young said what is important is to ensure fairness, transparency, credible and peaceful process before, during and after elections.

He stressed that democratic process all over the world should go hand in hand with basic freedom and fair treatment for all according to the rule of law including the neutrality of security forces and police.

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