Yoruba ‘sophisticated morons’: Vanguard disowns Editorial Board Chairman

Yoruba ‘sophisticated morons’: Vanguard disowns Editorial Board Chairman

Saturday, June 9, 2018 3:04 pm


Vanguard Newspaper has disowned a disparaging comment made by Mr Ochereome Nnanna, its Editorial Board Chairman about the Yoruba ethnic group.

Ochereome had while reacting to a Facebook post about the recent declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day declared that Yoruba are ‘sophisticated morons.’

The comment set off controversies with many condemning the journalists for lack of gross indiscretion despite his over 20 years on the job as Editorial Board Chairman of a major newspaper.

In the growing anger against the comment, some commentators have also been advocating for boycott of the newspaper.

But while disassociating the newspaper from the comment of its Editorial Board Chairman, Gbenga Adefaye, the newspaper’s Editor-in – Chief, in a statement titled, “VANGUARD RE AFFRIMS COMMITMENT TO RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM,” said, “Our attention has been drawn to an off hand comment made by Mr @Ochereome Nnanna , the Chairman of the Vanguard Editorial board.

“The comment, allegedly disparaging an ethnic section of the Nation was ostensibly made as part of private conversation on a social media tread.

“While we are carefully interrogating the circumstance that led to that comment ,with a decisive response to the author, we wish to acknowledge that the statement was made entirely as part of a private conversation.

“Vanguard dissociates itself totally from such unwarranted but careless, private outburst.

“But we also wish to stress that Mr Nnanna’s position ( as indeed like that of any senior editorial staff at the Vanguard) must always reflect a circumspect conduct that takes into cognizance the sensitive nature of our responsibility , and in particular, the need to maintain decorum and decency in all conduct and dealings, whether private or public, formal or virtual.

“We will like to re assure our patrons, readers and stakeholders that Vanguard newspapers will always remain on the path of correct professional etiquette, practice responsible journalism and adhere to the highest ethics of fairness, objectivity and just conduct, as these are essential ingredient for peace and growth in a plural and multifaceted society such as ours.

“We will like to place on record that Vanguard newspapers will continue to do all within its power to ensure that we do not betray the trust that has been reposed in us by the public.


“Rest assured that we will continue to improve and fine tune our internal processes and adopt a fair dose of self regulation to ensure that we remain truly focused to the ideals of conscientious journalism devoid of profiling, bigotry and prejudice.

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