Parents of Cancer of the Eye Toddler Cry for Help

Parents of Cancer of the Eye Toddler Cry for Help

Saturday, March 24, 2018 4:49 pm

Alexander David

By Daniels Ekugo

Maryam Alexander Aondasser, mother of two- year old boy, Alexander David, is in a dilemma.

Her biggest headache for now is how to get help from well meaning people to correct the health anomaly that the toddler is battling with. Maryam is reaching out to people in government, philanthropists, non-governmental organizations, faith based groups for assistance.

Details of an evaluation carried out by Professor R. A. Arogundade of Union Diagnostic and Clinical Services in Lagos shows that Alexander is suffering from Retinoblastoma of the eye for the past one year and half.

“The evaluation said that my son’s life is at risk and that he is to travel to Fortis Hospital in Bangalore for treatment and that the estimates for the procedure would come to about N6,100,000.00 (Six million, one hundred thousand naira) exclusive of airfare and accommodation,” Maryam said tearfully.

“We have written letters for support to prominent Nigerians and all we are asking is for them to help us treat my son because I am a widow and do not have the money to fly him aborad for the needed surgery.”

For anyone willing to assist young Alexander, the contacts and financial assistance could be made through:

Alexander David,
Union Bank Plc
Bank Account number: 0077934533
Phone number: 09074348819

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