Adefolami Receives Institute of Management Consultants Fellowship

Adefolami Receives Institute of Management Consultants Fellowship

Thursday, February 8, 2018 12:34 pm

Dada Adefolami

Prof. Suraju Adefolami Dada was recently presented with the Fellowship Award of the Institute of Management Consultants. The event took place at the Chinese Restaurant, Airport Hotel, Ikeja Lagos. Adefolami, a Professor of Finance, School of Business Administration, UNEM University Costa Rica, is a Finance / Management Consultant and Certified Forensic Accountant.

The certificate

This is the highest grade of the institute membership and it is reserved for accomplished professionals of his level and status.

CMC Practising

More important, International Council of Management Consulting Institute (ICMCI) and The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC-Nigeria) granted him the Status of (Certified Management Consultant) which is the highest Qualification any management consultant can aspire to attain. PRACTCING LICENCE is globally accepted and it is reciprocally recognized in over 50 countries including UK and United states of America.

He Received 2016 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from President Barack Obama.

Academic Fellows of CMC-Global are professors (also assistant/associate/adjunct professors) whose research and/or teaching of internal or external management consulting at a publicly accredited university is deemed by peer reviews to be of a particularly worthy level of excellence. The ICMCI Academic Fellow designation is intended to be a mark of distinction which recognises academic practitioners from around the world who have contributed to the study and teaching of management consultancy. It will be awarded by ICMCI to suitably qualified individuals based upon the recommendation of the local IMC.

This outreach initiative by CMC-Global and its country Institutes of Management Consulting is designed to build a closer link between Academia and the professional body, enhance exposure of the CMC designation to students, and to develop the intellectual capital of the global CMC community. Additional benefits to the CMC community include:

· Increased awareness and profile for CMC at the Fellow’s educational institution.
· Increased membership in IMC’s through the potential development of management consulting streams within MBA or related Masters programs
· Pragmatic contributions to debates within IMC on academic matters, including annual conferences
· The attraction and engagement of a new stakeholder group that will add valuable new perspectives and insights within IMC management consulting community. There will be the expectation that the Fellow will demonstrate tangible on-going involvement with the management consulting profession.

Benefits to the Academic fellows include:
· Enhanced academic and professional profile arising from the appointment along with international peer recognition.
· Invitations to international conferences and hub meetings with the opportunity to showcase applied research and publications.
· Opportunity to publish articles in CMC Today, the bimonthly global newsletter of CMC-Global
· Support for appropriate international research projects within the management consulting field.
· Support for major student projects through CMC client introductions or directly for CMC practitioners.

The Appointment Process
1. Identifying Suitable Candidates by IMC’s
We expect that country IMC’s will consult with colleagues within their own IMC organization to scan the academic landscape for suitable candidates – please note that this is a preliminary step and that potential candidates should not be contacted at this stage.
In providing IMC nomination, the following eligibility criteria will apply:
• The candidate must hold a position at a recognised academic institution, specifically a publicly accredited university within your country.
• The candidate must be engaged in research and/or teaching within the external or internal management consulting field for a minimum of five years.
• The candidate can also be a practicing CMC who has held a part time teaching position at a recognized publicly accredited university within your country. Such a teaching appointment would be on an adjunct, instructor or associate faculty basis with such a position held for a minimum of five years.

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