Verbatim: I have IBB’s authority to release the statement- Afegbua

Verbatim: I have IBB’s authority to release the statement- Afegbua

Monday, February 5, 2018 9:41 am

Kassim Afegbua


“I have been doing this job for about 14 years now and I have never issued a statement on behalf of former president Babangida and you get a rebuttal.

“I extracted commitment from him, (and) authorization before I issued the statement. But you know, IBB is for everyone. People want to love him more than he loves himself. People want to appreciate him more than he appreciates himself. People want to play the role of IBB.

“So, when this statement came on board and some of his friends saw the twist of the reportage by the social media, how they sensationalise it and all of that, taking away the carnel of the statement, they felt that we want to put the former president on collusion course with the president and so they went and did a statement to deny that and I have since spoken to him to discuss and he informed me that the statement stands.

“Those are his thoughts and it didn’t emanate from my head. We sat down, we articulated them and we put them in perspective so that Nigerians can begin to interrogate the issues he raised in that statement.

“I wouldn’t know why anybody will think that I will go and generate a statement without extracting that authority from him.”

– Prince Kassim Afegbua (IBB Spokesman)

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