Delta LG election turns violent, Ughelli DSIEC office set ablaze

Delta LG election turns violent, Ughelli DSIEC office set ablaze

Saturday, January 6, 2018 2:18 pm

Violence in Delta during election

DSIEC office razed

Okafor Ifiebor

The Delta State local government election has turned violent. Reports have it that some suspected party thugs who got disenchanted with the way electoral materials were lopsidedly distributed to the strongholds of rival political party set the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC) office ablaze in the presence of security men.

There was a deluge of complaints of irregularities, especially by parties other than the ruling party in the state on the allegations that key ad hoc staff of DSIEC were recruited mainly from the ruling party.

Meanwhile, travellers passing through the highways linking the state were caught unawares by the imposition of movement restriction.

A disappointed traveler, Chukwudi Akasike, expressed his frustration on Facebook: “What is wrong with Nigeria? Why are our politicians so ignorant about those things that are common and taken for granted in other climes/countries? Take a look at the ongoing local government election in Delta State; it is a national disgrace that all major roads leading to and from that state have been blocked and travelers are stranded. This is wickedness and crass irresponsibility on the part of whoever approved that major roads should be blocked because of a mere local government election. Are we living in the cave? As Nigerians, are were cavemen and cave women at a time when civilisation is modernising the entire world?

Akasike further stated that as he bares his my mind on Facebook, thousands of vehicles are held up on roads leading to Warri, Asaba, Ughelli and other major roads close to Delta State.

” As I write this, people cannot cross the Niger Bridge in Onitsha because security operatives have been ordered to block the roads. What a shame! Is this a country? Other African countries have since dropped such primitive and primordial method of doing things.”

He sympathised to many travellers, who are currently stranded on roads linking Delta State.

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