Know Your Rights, HURMA, Banire, Others Tell Nigerians

Know Your Rights, HURMA, Banire, Others Tell Nigerians

Monday, December 11, 2017 1:48 pm

L-R: Honourable Rotimi Olowo, Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN) and comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak HURMA’s Convener/Executive Director at the event.

To be free from all forms of human rights abuse, Nigerians have been charged to equip themselves with fundamental rights education.

Also, human rights civil society groups in the country have been urged not to relent in their efforts at liberating Nigerians from all forms of oppression in the country, by organising seminars and workshops for Nigerians on human rights.

These were the words of the speakers at a seminar organised in Lagos by the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA), on Sunday, to commemorate this year’s World Human Rights’ Day, held at the Somolu Local Government Secretariat, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, a Lagos-based lawyer, Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN), attributed Human Rights breaches in the country, to the ignorance of Nigerians knowledge to their rights, which he said contributed to the suffering of many in the country.

The senior lawyer therefore tasked every Nigerians to learn about the rights if they wants to be free from any form of oppression.

“Nigerians should go and learn more about their rights because there is too much ignorance about their rights, that us why the suffering in the land continue”.

Banire also condemned the slavery situation in Libya, which he said was caused by the economic situation. While tasking the government to ensure that people are comfortable, so as to stop people from going into such trip.

“What is happening is condemmeable, but we must look into the propelling factors, what make people to go into such situations, but majorly, economic situation, that is why we must start from own end, in making sure that they are comfortable, and there is no need for them to embark on such journey”.

On the much call for the eradication of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Banire stated that all departments of Police needs reformation not scrapping.

He said: “SARS is just an administrative unit of the police, it does not have to be SARS alone, I think the whole of police units need reformation, particularly, in terms of attitude of the policeman, it goes beyond SARS, all other units of the police need reformation”.

Also speaking at the event, was a member of Lagos State House of Assembly representing Shomolu Constituency 1, Honourable Emmanuel Rotimi Olowo, who called on Nigerians to be active in the electoral processes in the country, if they desire to be free from the burden of those governing them.

He said Nigerians should actively involved in choosing those that rule them, who will ensure that that their purpose in life is achieved.

He said: “Nigerians should be active in choosing their leaders. They should choose leaders that will make them to achieve their purpose in life, choose the leaders that will make them achieve their heartly desire, choose leaders that will protect their welfare and provide security for them.

“All these can only be achieved by the power of their vote and if they know their rights”.

Honourable Olowo stated that the only way to change the country’s situation, is for the people to be enlightened and know their rights about how to select their rulers.

Olowo, while commending HURMA for the seminar, tasked other humans rights groups and civil societies, to emulate HURMA by by carrying out day-to-day seminar on the rights of Nigerians, this he said will go along way in liberating the people from the oppressed.

HURMA’s Convenner/Executive Director, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak, attributed the frustration in the country to the breaches in the fundamental rights of many Nigerians.

He said that is why his group decided to use the World Human Rights Day, to educate Nigerians about their rights.

He called on Nigerians to always fights for their rights, even, if it need to embark on revolution. He however stated that his group will continue to employ all its ideology to achieve it’s goal.

“Today is an opportunity for us to know where we are in term of Human Rights. We see people leaving the country everyday, this is as a result of breaches in fundamental Human Rights. That is why HURMA is enlightening people about what constitutes their rights, and we are encouraging them to fight for these rights”.

Equally, two discusstants who spot-on the theme of the event “Social Economic Rights and the Twin Evil of Poverty and Slavery”, and Africa in Prospective” Comrade Sakiru Yekeen, the Executive Director of Global Peace Initiative, and Comrade Bashiru Attach, the Executive Director of International Institute of Human Rights Heritage, also called on Nigerians to always stand up to fight against any form of injustice, and make their voice heard on any issues that are against humanity.

The duo equally tasked Nigerians to always partake in the political process in the country.

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