Garba Shehu And The Rats In Aso Villa

Garba Shehu And The Rats In Aso Villa

Friday, August 25, 2017 2:28 pm

Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja

By Tijjani Muhammad Musa

In the eye of the storm, surrounding Garba Shehu’s explanation as to the reason why President Muhammad Buhari has to work from home, many on social media took it upon themselves to chip in their opinion on the now viral statement by the Senior Special Assistant on Media & Publicity to the Mr. President.

As demanded by many that I explain what I mean that the use “rats” in Garba Shehu’s press interview was not the physical rodents many assumed it to be, but a metaphorical usage in his statement, here’s my take…

Like I said before I’ll repeat myself again. You guys are being… I don’t even know what to say.

What exactly happened to render President Buhari so devastated? Some said he was poisoned through his praying mat or airconditioning. Others believe he was “jazzed”, with some even swearing in public that he will never come out of his sickness alive. Then there are those who believe 75 years is a ripe old age to slow the strongest of horses, Buhari inclusive.

Ok, let’s look at it from the very alleged, much speculated angle, the poisoning point of view. I want to believe there is a lot to Buhari’s condition that most of us know naught about.

Now, poison or no poison, juju or no juju, old age or no old age, if a person of his caliber should experience what Buhari did in the last one year and he gets lucky to be so rescued, shouldn’t his security team be wary and extra vigilant as to a possibility of reoccurrence?

Should the President just return to his office and his duties after 100 days away from it without taking all the necessary precautions to forestall whatever might have been done in that office that could return the crisis back to Square A?

Shouldn’t that office be stripped to it barest skin from inside the roof, down the walls, to the floor and under floor, both within and outside the building, to check and double check for bugs, screen and cross check for hidden cameras in every part and make doubly sure there’s nothing of danger in that office?

Shouldn’t it’s furniture, it’s electrical and plumbing conduits, fittings, gadgets as well as the various finishes such as wood panelling, paintings, artworks, rugs and carpeting etc all be properly subject to careful investigation and analysis to ensure their safety?

Would it be too much to hire security experts and other building materials experts and professional to thoroughly comb the president’s office and if necessary change the whole stuffs therein contained. It was rumored he was poison via his ACs or praying mat, remember?

Mind you all these “renovation works” could not be done prior to Baba’s comeback, in anticipation of Buhari’s return since no one could say for certain whether Baba would survive his ailments and come back alive or not.

So now that he is back, it is possible his security team decided for the above very crucial project to be executed and so suggested Buhari should operate from his adorable villa residence pending when the works would be completed. It happens everywhere they are serious with security and safety.

Now the dilemma of what to tell Nigerians to avert further complains and ward off any suspicion or possibly alert the alleged hidden “engineers” of his woes and ill fated predicaments, that their plantings are being uprooted is what is has generated the media frenzy Garba Shehu’s “rats” decoy has produced.

So should he inform the world what is happening in plain, simple language or use diplomatic language or better still go about it via a creative language means? Either way how to say it rest square on Buhari’s Media and Publicity main man.

So, the man chose to use a metaphor to seek excuse for that all important security project to be implemented. He chose to use the excuse that “Rats” have infested the President’s office. Which is true, if one could understand that rats could also mean humans with shady habits, stealthy characters and destructive intentions of such animals.

He went further to say they have damaged the furniture, air conditioners and other electrical wires and works. So the need to overhaul the number 1 office. And what is wrong with that if the office does require refurbishment? After all, it is the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Still talking along that path, he goes covert in his explanation by talking to all freely about the “rats” (by similitude and personification) have been in the president’s office, physically or even spiritually in his absence and done one thing or another to complete the job they have started, which as God Willed have ended as utter failure.

So, all this “Rats” stories by Senior Special Assistance on Media and Publicity Malam Garba Shehu’s is actually nothing, but a strategy to keep the refurbishing works of his boss office done without anybody knowing exactly what is going on or knowing the actual reasons behind keeping Baba Buhari off the office till all lights go green.

Has anyone allowed his mind visit such a dalili or is it just sweeter to follow the band and sing the chorus of the song with out bothering to think outside the box for a change?

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