I Love This Trump

I Love This Trump

Sunday, August 20, 2017 2:11 pm

Tunde Asaju

By Tunde Asaju

Let me kickstart the long process of disappointing those who did not appoint me. I am beginning to actually like Donald J Trump. Come on guys, this is 2017, not 1994 when apartheid fell or post-European civil war when the world ganged up to deceive itself that it would be no longer fight wars. Since then, battles have been fought and named. From Operation Desert Storm to Saddam Hussein’s grandmother of all battles. 

Liking Trump is like liking Francis Arthur Nzeribe or Daniel Kanu, it has nothing to do with morality, public perception or even the concept of right or wrong. A man (or woman for that matter) should be free to express his/her conviction without fearing the repercussions of the decision. Come on guys don’t be that guy Christopher Cantwell, the white supremacist who was crying like the lilly-levered sissy that he is after realising he might be arrested for his bigotry. Stand up, like Trump. 

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is racist, he doesn’t hide it, hasn’t hidden it since he jumped from Celebrity Apprentice boss into the race for the White House. For those of you tearing down American monuments, be it known that the highest seat of power is never going to be called the People’s Court or Democracy Home; it would ever be called the White House. It was so when fair Barack and darker Michele occupied it, it would remain so forever. If anyone detests that, they should name the headquarters that the Chinese dashed the African Union in Addis Ababa, the Black House. The Russians called theirs the Kremlin and Buckingham Palace has not changed its nomenclature since it was purchased in 1761 for those of you who name your streets after leaders with unpronounceable names because they visited.

I like the Trump’s guts. Once he has made up his mind on something, he sticks with it even when he sounds offhanded. Come on people, even if Ben Carson, Malcolm X’s archetypal home negro as Uncle Tomish as he is were to say during the primaries that he could shoot people and still not dwindle his popularity ratings, do you think that he would be building houses now? Not if all the pentarascal pastors in America’s Bible belt joined hands in anointing and prayers. Trump said it, never recanted and yet became the candidate who won the election. It was not the oddest statement of his life. Years before he found the balls to contest, he said that if he wanted to become the president of America, he would choose the Republican Party because they are dumb and that he would win. Haters; please embrace lobotomy, Trump is a prophet. If and when Trump is done with America there is still a remnant of humanity untouched by his childish aspiration to start another nuclear war he decides to start a church; the Pope, Adeboye, Oyedepo, Jonson Suleiman and TB Joshua would have reason to fear. His physical deficiency did not stop him from landing and keeping a beauty queen. Some say he’s groped a few behinds in the past; the type that killed Herman Cain’s ambition and soiled the hard-earned reputation of Bill Cosby but Trump is soaring.

Accuse Trump of paedophilia with evidence from Trump Towers and it wouldn’t affect his popularity ratings – guaranteed! Of course he’ll dismiss it simply as ‘fake news’ and that’ll be it. Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were fiery speakers and crowd pullers, but can you remember any words the duo added to the global political lexicon in their first six months in office? With Trump we now have inter alia – unsavoury truth or heckling media as Fake News, blatant lies and spin as alternate facts and the Ku Klux Klan are not rabid racists but Alt-Right. People, no American president has tromped this Trump. 

So what’s all these political correctness of people not being allowed the courage of their convictions? People didn’t work for the First Amendment to be heckled into silence. So, you people want Donald Trump to come out like African politicians who stick with their friends when the going is good only to switch camps the moment they leave office? Not in America.

I am seriously upset to see African immigrants in America riling against Trump. You guys had better be sure that your heads are not on the chopping board list in your home countries. If your dictators subscribe to the Idi Amin philosophy that freedom of expression is guaranteed but freedom after expression is not, take my advice – like Donald Trump, celebrate him, grovel under him, if needed, get coaching from Ben Carson, do the needful, your continued stay and survival depends on it. Don’t join the descendants that Carson declares as immigrants whose ancestors came in chains, were forged in the snow of affliction and sugarcane plantations to freedom by running your mouths. They are used to being burnt at the stakes and with nemesis waiting at home – where you gonna run to when Trump revokes your Green Card brother?

On the condemnation of supposed condemnables, it has been a busy month in Africa. People died in Kenyan elections but how many African rulers told Kenyatta they were with him in mourning? Not until John Kerry declared him winner. Then there was the restaurant massacre in Ouagadougou – how many people died, many 4 white people and some Africans! The technically defeated Boko Haram have struck from Maiduguri to Adamawa, Buhari is not around to be commiserated. Naija deaths have become an addendum to global terror. The mother of all tragedies this week; 400 dead in Sierra Leone landslides; how many have sympathised with Koroma? 

Now check this out – attacks in London – global reaction – spontaneous from Europe to America with African leaders falling on top of each other to get the media mention. Attack in Paris, and lately Catalan initially claiming 12 lives and counting – global response including Trump – spontaneous! When James Fields rammed his car in Charlottesville as a white boy; even when his immediate casualty was another white woman, Trump hesitated, stumbled, almost made it right and then shared the blame equally. You can’t deny the First Amendment rights of a white American boy to join the KKK and if you die trying, pray your mother’s dirge is not interpreted as praise by Trump. Even if it’s false, it’s true because Trump says so. Don’t you just love this man – he shoots straight, not like the rest!

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