Policeman, 2 others to die for murder of 4 UNIPORT students

Policeman, 2 others to die for murder of 4 UNIPORT students

Monday, July 31, 2017 7:32 pm

The four students extra-judicially killed in Aluu, Port Harcourt

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

Justice Letam Nyordee of Rivers State High Court, Port Harcourt, has sentenced to death a Police Sargent Lucky Oji, and two others to death after they were found guilty in the gruesome murder of four students of the University of Port Harcourt in October 5, 2012 .

The trial judge who discharged and acquitted four other accused persons out of the seven charged with the killing, regretted that the Police Sergeant, who has been dismissed from the Force, aided and abetted the murder as he urged the mob on when the innocent students were being mobbed, stripped naked and paraded on the major streets in the Omokri Aluu community before they were burnt to death.

The two other suspects, Ikechukwu Lius Amadi and David Chinasa Obadan were found guilty based on their confessions and   sufficient evidence linking them to the murder of the four students.

The incident, popularly called the ‘Aluu four killing’ is about the murder of four undergraduate student of UNIPORT who were arrested by local vigilantes at Omokri-Aluu in Ikwerre local government area of Rivers State.

The four undergraduates – Ogonna Obuzor,Lyod Toku Mike,Tekena Elkenna and Chidiaka Beringa were subsequently mobbed to death.

Five out of the twelve accused persons initially standing trial in the matter had earlier been discharged and acquitted by the court for want of evidence linking them to the murder.

Out of the remaining seven who were charged for murder and treasonable felony, four were discharged and acquitted due to lack of sufficient evidence linking them to the murder.

The Court premises were jam-packed with armed security personnel both in uniform and in mufti when the judgment was delivered on Monday.

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