Legendary Bobby Benson’s Son, Tony Benson Takes Centre Stage At O’jez

Legendary Bobby Benson’s Son, Tony Benson Takes Centre Stage At O’jez

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 9:41 am


Daniels Ekugo

On Sunday, July 30, son of legendary highlife musician, Bobby Benson, Tony Benson, will be on call at the monthly Elders’ Forum highlife music revivalist event.

The monthly show being put together by O’jez Entertainment and Evergreen Musical Company is designed to recognize musicians and other persons that have all contributed to Nigeria’ rich cultural heritage. Bobby Benson was one Nigeria’s Godfather of highlife.

He provided effective apprenticeship for the first generation of highlife musicians; he developed the scene and set the pace for its revolution. He gave highlife music so much relevance in Nigeria and had many great musicians such as Victor Olaiya, Roy Chicago, Billy Friday, Zeal Onyia, Eddy Okonta, Baby Face Paul and Rex Lawson among others under his wings in the early stages of their careers.
Bobby Benson was reputed to be the first highlife musician in Nigeria to own a club and hotel which became the hub of entertainment for the elites in the 50’s.

Many didn’t know that Gentleman Bobby as he was fondly called by fans and admirers was also a comedian, magician and a showman.

His son Tony Benson has ensured that the family legacy doesn’t fade away by remaining consistent in keeping the flame of highlife music alive.

At the 6th edition of Elder’s forum holding at the upscale Ojez Restaurant and Bar on Sunday, July 30, the younger Benson will be thrilling guests with the best tunes of highlife music of the 60’s and Bobby Benson will also be given a post-humus award for his role in musical entertainment in Nigeria

Bobby Benson, a native of Ikorodu, Lagos State was born in 1921. He died at the age of 62 years. His songs like ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Gentleman Bobby’, ‘Ewa’ among many others will forever remain evergreen and has been remixed by many budding Nigerian musicians.

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