7 ‘bloodless’ ways to realise state of Biafra

7 ‘bloodless’ ways to realise state of Biafra

Saturday, June 3, 2017 10:01 am

Rudolf-Okonkwo: Credit: Saharareporters


By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

Rudolf Okonkwo had listed seven simple steps enthusiasts can follow to get an independent state of Biafra “without firing a single shot” between 5 to 10 years.

Okonkwo writes: These steps are not dependent on what Nigeria does. Their implementations are solely in the hands of the Igbo. If 100% of Igbo people who stayed home on the 30th wanted Biafra, they can implements these steps easily and in 5 to 10 years Biafra would be theirs.

  1. Form a political party with self-determination and self-rule for Igbo people as a platform. United Progressive Party (UPP) may already be positioning itself to be that kind of a party.


  1. Elect majority of the region’s local and state government officials from that party. This will solve the problem of who is supporting Biafra and who is not amongst the ethnic minorities around the Igbo area.


  1. Have two-third of elected officials sent to Abuja elected from that political party. You will be sending a clear message across Nigeria and the world, and the agenda of these officials in Abuja will not be ambiguous.


  1. Once two-third of all elected Igbo officials are from this political party with a platform that says self-governance and self-determination, a pseudo- referendum would have taken place.


  1. The party can demand a regional parliament in Enugu to govern themselves, similar to what happened in Scotland and Quebec. At this point, the government in Abuja will concede to demands to devolve power from the center as they do everything to delay the inevitable.


  1. After a few years of regional governance, if so desired, then demand a formal referendum from Nigeria. A referendum to leave Nigeria can take place in 6-8 years time.


  1. If the referendum passes, Biafra can be a state of its own.


But he also agree that there are “other permutations and combinations that could give birth to Biafra,” through they may come with “tears, blood, anguish and death.”

Excerpts from: Just Before You Say Biafra, first published on Saharareporters.com  






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