Atiku Abubakar Receives Nigeria Flag At The HoG Awards

Atiku Abubakar Receives Nigeria Flag At The HoG Awards

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 4:51 pm

Alhaji, second left, receiving the flag from Professor Olatubosun, while Mr Rupert Ojenuwa looks on

It was amidst encomium that the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar received the Nigerian flag on Sunday evening during the just concluded HoG Awards 7th Anniversary for his contribution to the nation’s democracy.

The Awards Ceremony was held in honor of very distinguished Nigerians including the former Vice President AtikuAbubakar, Sen Umar JibrillaBindow, Mr. WaheedOlagunju of BoI and Wilma Aguele of WILBAHI.

After the presentation of plaques and the address of the former Vice President which was on Building a Nation that Works; my Diary and Way Forward, the CEO, Mr. Rupert Ojenuwa took to the stage to do the magical, everyone was held in suspense as he announced, ‘today, we shall honor one of our nation’s finest, not just with a plaque but with what he treasures the most, the Nigeria’s flag’

The HoG Awards honored AtikuAbubakar for his role in the fight against the military, his strides during his tenure as Vice President as well as his many interventions to save the democratic institution.

In his address, the CEO stated ‘Our nation is in dire straits, our nation has been bleeding, our nation searches for a hero. Nigeria needs help and this isn’t difficult to see. You can imagine that you have to provide for something as basic as power, as security, as portable water and all. Doesn’t it worry you that after close to 60 years after independence, we still struggle with these things? We are still known as a dark nation? He queried. ‘We must’ going forward look for qualified people to lead us. We must focus on heroes and not leaders who seem to think Nigeria is a cooperative society owned by them. We must pick leaders who sees all Nigerians as the same irrespective of where they come from or what religion they practised. We must think our heroes.

Rupert further added ‘Whilst I may lack the power or influence to ask Atiku Abubakar to run for presidency in 2019, I can advise every Nigerian, ‘if you must vote for leaders going forward, vote for people in the mold of AtikuAbubakar. Atiku sacrificed so much for democracy. He almost lost his life fighting for its return and he delivered dividends during his tenure as vice president and this is why we honor him as Hero of Nigeria’s Democracy of All Time.

During the event, Governor Jibrilla Bindow was honored for his unparralled strides in Adamawa State. In less than two years, the governor of Adamawa has constructed more than 120 roads. Can you beat that? If you think about a governor who hit the ground running, you are thinking about Bindow. He has impacted the health sector, youth empowerment and all. He is HoG Most Performing Governor of the Year’.

The BoI chief was also decorated with honor for his sterling performance at the BoI. Under his watch, disbursement has soared and the rate of Non-Performing Loans havenosedived. The BoI has been brought to national reckoning because one WaheedOlagunju will not rest on his oars until the nation is developed. Wilma Aguele got awarded for her contributions to agriculture in Nigeria.

The HoG Awards 7th Anniversary was held on the 21st of May, 2017 at the Civic Center in Lagos. It has in attendance several influential Nigerians like Vice President AtikuAbubakar, SenJibrillaBindow, Prof Dupe Olatubosun, the Deputy Grand Custodian of the HoG Awards, Sen Ben Bruce, SenBinta, Mr. WaheedOlagunju. Mr. Rupert Ojenuwa, the CEO of HoG, Pst. ItuahIghodalo, Mr. KekereEkun and a host of others. The HoG Awards has as its chairman, a former honorable minister of information and sports, Chief Alex Akinyele.

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