Women Helping Women Succeed

Women Helping Women Succeed

Friday, May 19, 2017 9:48 am

Grace Essen

By Grace Essen

Last Saturday was not just an ordinary one as mothers trooped out their numbers all dressed in their colorful and absolutely beautiful t-shirts which boldly read “I’m a Super Mum” to a bi-monthly beauty, lifestyle and mentoring workshop tagged Super Mum Makeover, organized by a nongovernmental organization Mum To Mum Support Initiative which held in the Ikeja area of Lagos State.

According to the founder, Grace Essen, the objective of the workshop is to help mothers realize their fullest potentials by helping them make small intentional, consistent, changes in their mindset, attitude, appearance and lifestyle so they can become what she described as SUPER kind of mums – women who are roles models in their homes, workplace and in their communities.

Such forums have become necessary at a time when the international community is seeking to bridge the gap in gender equality and women are encouraged to contribute more to the society. Mum To Mum Support Initiative believes that one of the most practical means to achieve this is for women to support and encourage each other by mentoring and exchanging ideas that could be useful to those who need these real success stories and ideas as sources of inspiration, motivation and encouragement to take the leap.

Mutual help by women. Photo credit: momtomom.com

One of the highlights of the workshop was the mentoring session with Mrs. Olubunmi Olojo, MD/CEO Delightful Affairs Confectionery, who shared the story of how she started her successful confectionery business from home with just N1,000. Mrs. Olojo told the participants she had tried some businesses at first but found that her passion was in confectionery business. She stressed that women really don’t have time for trial and error that they need to find where their passions lie and go head on. But they must be ready to work hard and to persevere. She advised the women to start with what they have and to seize every opportunity that comes their way. She noted that opportunities many come as requests which they should not reject but to take it and then go research and come up with ideas to make them happen. She also answered questions from participants and gave practical advice and tips on how to manage business, career and motherhood successfully regardless of the challenges.

At the Do It Yourself Session mums learned how to make assorted snacks such as donought, buns, puff puff and also how to make Chapman (drink). This is one of the ways mums exchange ideas so they can bring varieties as well as healthy alternatives to their menu at home. The participants had a chance to help themselves to the sumptuous snacks and absolutely tasty Chapman.

Mums were also taught how to take good care of their skin before and after makeup, as well as proper blending techniques for foundation application at the Makeup and Skincare session by Glam’s Makeup. The session covered a full demonstration and opportunity for question and answer.

The participants also had some fun at the fitness session which involved dance workout which is one easy way they can add physical activity to their daily routine and have fun doing it.

At the end of the workshop the participants gathered round to cut a beautiful cake brought one of the participants and also network, exchange business cards and get to know each other more. One of the participants, Mrs. Olajumoke Adebona who was a first time attendee confessed that the workshop was an eye-opener and she was glad she didn’t miss it. The participants thanked the organizers and went away in anticipation of the next edition of the workshop.

Grace Essen is an author, speaker and host of Super Mum Makeover workshop. Check out Grace’s blog @Mum2MumAfrica.com You may reach Grace on 08061367203, or via email: [email protected] Follow her on twitter @GraceEssen, find her on Facebook.

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