UN envoy condemns market attack in Mogadishu

UN envoy condemns market attack in Mogadishu

Sunday, February 19, 2017 10:34 pm

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Killing of civilians is despicable and achieves “nothing”, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia and the Head of the UN mission in the country (UNSOM), Michael Keating, has said.

Keating, who made the remarks in condemnation of the attack in a Mogadishu market, said it was a reminder of extremists’ indifference towards human lives.

He strongly condemned the terrorist attack which killed at least 25 people and injured dozens more.

The UN envoy stressed that the incident was a brutal reminder of the retrograde tactics employed by violent extremists.

“Killing civilians is despicable and achieves nothing – except to remind Somalia of the indifference of extremists to human life and suffering.

“The perpetrators need to be brought to justice swiftly,” he said.

Reports said at about 1 p.m. local time in Mogadishu, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated at the Abagedo market near Kawa Guudey in the Dharkenley district of the capital, killing pedestrians and shopkeepers in the vicinity.

According to UNSOM chief, no group has claimed responsibility.

He said the attack came at a time when Somalia is preparing for the inaugural celebrations of its newly elected Federal President, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmajo’, who came to office earlier this month.

Keating said Mohamed came to office amid an “extraordinary public outpouring of euphoria marking the beginning of a new chapter in Somali history that is ripe with opportunity and promise”.

The UNSOM chief praised the work of the country’s security forces and first responders in the aftermath of the attack, and offered his condolences to the families and friends of those who were killed?


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