Should You Trust Your Kids with Close Relatives?

Should You Trust Your Kids with Close Relatives?

Monday, January 9, 2017 8:16 am

Grace Essen

Grace Essen

By Grace Essen

Part of our duties as mums entails being present to watch over our children at all times, this in reality is not possible you and I know that too well. But how can we protect our children from possible harm they might be exposed to when we have gone away to work, market, hospital, church or anywhere we need to go? A lot might be going on in our homes which we not aware of. Please read this mum’s experience. There is a lot to learn from it.

‘As I’m writing this, my heart is bleeding. We have been battling to save the life of a 2 year old toddler who was raped by her father’s younger brother since 9pm yesterday 30th Dec. The baby just stabilized and is coming round after about 6hours on the ventilator. She has arrested three times. The mother left her with her uncle yesterday afternoon whilst going for a women’s program in church. She got back to meet her baby screaming uncontrollably. A neighbour’s daughter, a 5 year old confirmed that uncle Emma had sent them out of his room but not before putting a finger inside Precious pants. Right now, this toddler is unconscious, with all the paraphernalia of rape……. Bruises on her thigh, fracture of the right femur, gaping hole in the vagina, vagina wall bleeding, crepitations in the chest, (I’m postulating she choked on the fanta uncle Emma gave her to cajole her and aspirated). She was brought in shock around 8pm and arrested as I stepped into the paediatric critical care unit to review her.

Hence she was resuscitated, intubated and connected to a vent, had to put in a central line as venous access was impossible and she needed fluid and blood. Did I mention that she’s paper white? What could be fascinating in this babies that is making them the target of sexual abuse. She’s coming round but is so sick that she cannot even respond to pain again. As I seat by this vent, monitoring her I decided to call on mothers to be more vigilant. If that five year old girl had been better educated, she might have been able to sense danger earlier and call for help. I know it’s not easy but children both males and females are so vulnerable. Parents, fathers, mothers can’t do it alone. Let’s rise to this social vice against our children.’

You may wonder if this story is true, I have wondered too, but in the world we live in today nothing can be considered too strange. Here are some online reactions to the story, most of them advice for us moms. May God help us!

“This monster hates his brother and wife and this was a way of showing that hatred. His own brother should put pepper on his penis and beat him up thoroughly and then hand him over to the police. Women be careful please the world has changed, protect those treasures God has entrusted into your care.”

“…Haven’t been able to erase the picture formed by mere reading through. Biko what are we talking about. A 2yr old molested baby girl? The mother might even be praying for death, blaming herself for leaving her alone with a ‘trusted’ person/uncle. Please let’s stop all this. Pray no one you know experiences such. It may also surprise you to know that these hideous acts also occur in the church. We should just keep praying for our kids no matter where they are.”

“Hmm, with all honesty, I think people should take a cue here on the dangers/resultant effects of neglecting their young ones for the purpose of living in church. From Monday to Sunday it’s all about this church program, that church program and the one after that! In the end, it’s always the pastors that smile to the bank! And the neglected young ones? Your guess is as good as mine. This story sounds too awkward, too unimaginable, and though it got to us as ‘copied’, how do we know it’s not another Facebook story? I would’ve thought they’d be backed-up fotos of the child in an incubator or any other foto. Be that as it may, it’s unfortunate that the law courts, as charged by the police if the uncle gets arrested, has to prove beyond reasonable doubt a case of rape before the perpetrator can be adequately punished. As for the husband and brother of ‘uncle’, I guess there’s not much he can do without compounding the issues.”

“Please from now on any rape case is referred to general hospitals or government owed hospital after making entry with the nearest police station. It should be treated with urgency and dispatch. Insist on among other test initial retroviral test, treatment will start in earnest. Follow up. Repeat retroviral test after 3months then 6months to rule out RVD DISEASE.”

“Mothers please be more vigilant. I don’t trust anyone with my kids. When I mean everyone I mean everyone. It was eneke the bird that said since men have learnt to shoot without missing, I’ve also learnt to fly without perching.”
Take care mums!

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