Writers praise FG’s move to reintroduce History in schools

Writers praise FG’s move to reintroduce History in schools

Sunday, October 16, 2016 4:13 pm

Denja Abdulahi

Denja Abdulahi

The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) on Sunday commended the Federal Government for planning to reintroduce History as a subject in the nation’s primary and junior secondary schools curricula.

Mr Denja Abdulahi, the National President of ANA, was quoted by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that History, as a subject, was important to the educational development of the students.

He remarked that Nigerians always shy away from their history and that history was not about palatable happenings.

“History can be unpalatable, but when we talk about the unpalatable happenings, we apply experience of what happened to teach people how to avoid the pitfalls.

“If we do not teach History, we are creating a rootless society.

“This is because from history, you get inspired about your origin; you get inspiring story about who you are and what you can emulate from people of the past.

“It is from History that you get to know what led to the civil war and our children can learn about Oyo Empire, Benin Empire, Songhai Empire and Borno Empire.

“Nigerians do not want to talk aboutthe civil war, coups and counter coups.

“All these things happened; something led to it and if we do not tell our children about them, then how will they learn from the past,’’ Abdulahi.

He said that other countries like the US and UK talk about their civil wars and teach it in their schools.

“We are, therefore, happy the government is reintroducing History into the curriculum,’’ he said.

-Credit: NAN

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