Ex Kogi commissioner accuses Gov. Bello of bad governance, sectionalism

Ex Kogi commissioner accuses Gov. Bello of bad governance, sectionalism

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 9:13 am

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State


A former President of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr Omede Idris has said Governor  Yahaya Bello has not demonstrated good governance since assumption of office as chief executive  of Kogi State on 27, January, 2016.

Idris, who was Kogi commissioner of health under the immediate past administration of Wada said instead, the Bello administration has meted out pains and suffering on the state workforce, pensioners and the political group of his party,  All Progressives Congress (APC) the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the citizenry in general.

The former President of NMA said this in a keynote address tagged: Crisis on Multiple Fronts: Igala Language, Culture and Leadership in the 21st Century he delivered at the annual conference  of Igala Association, United States of America, USA chapter early this month.

Idris who noted that the ascension of Bello to office led to “accidental or unplanned power shift” in the State also accused the Governor of undue interference in the affairs of Kogi House of Assembly.

He also accused the Governor of sectionalism, with claims that he has turned the majority Igala population to minority in the State through appointments lopsided in favour of Kogi Central Senatorial district. The Governor is from the central senatorial district.

The former NMA President said, “Since the coming on board of the current Kogi state government, the fate of the Igala race under the current administration is better imagined, to the extent that, those who worked against Capt Wada have been gnashing their teeth and regretting their actions.

“Igala the majority ethnic group is not only treated as minority but also relegated to the background both at the State and Federal levels. Indeed this is where the “Crisis of Leadership of Multiple Fronts”, can better be described!

“At the State level, Igala now has a Deputy Governor, situated to probably fulfill the mandatory constitutional requirements. While the Chief of staff, appointed strictly on personal relationship and friendship with the Governor, is an Igala man.



“Beyond this, most key position in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies, including health and educational institution have been occupied mostly be people from the central senatorial and few west senatorial people.

“This does not and will not augur well for the harmony, peace and understanding in the state. At this junction, it is pertinent to remember the plight of Igala – the major ethnic group in Kogi state, is suddenly being treated as minority ethnic group under the current dispensation.

While assessing the performance of individuals who have governed the state so far,  Idris rated the Wada government which he was part of high.

The former NMA President noted that Wada who came to office on  27th January 2012 was able to record reasonable improvements in all sectors despite the perpetual decline in funds available to him from the federal purse.

According to him, the former governor was able to achieve this through improvement in internally generated revenue and raising of N20 billion bond to meet developmental needs of the state in areas of health infrastructure, roads, water, the state sourced for bond.

“Only 40% of the bond of N20billion was assessed or released over two years, due to series of ill-conceived petitions, Nevertheless, Capt Idris Wada introduced a disciplined, humane, puritanical and Spartan-like approach to the governance of the State, and ensured that workers remuneration are not tampered with, despite these financial challenges.

“State wide quarterly Free Rural Medical Services was introduced for indigent populace, encouraged agricultural development, renovated PHCs and Zonal hospitals, continued the construction of uncompleted hospitals, including the ultra Modern Diagnostic Imaging and Comprehensive Medical Laboratory Center, and commencement of a teaching hospital and award of contract for the construction/building of kogi State University Teaching Hospital, Anyigba, constructed rural feeder roads and rural electrification, Ultramodern Motor park, Vocational Training Center and reduction of thuggery from the politics of the State,” he said of achievements of Wada.


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  • Emmy Wonder says:

    of course only bastered will bite the fingers that feed them, i now see that when our selfish igala people were having everything to themselves in our state Kogi, they do not know the plight and peril of others they were maltreating. dear brother, let this mind be in us all, that there is an end to every thing and that what ever goes around must surely come around. support Bello today so God can by mercy give you another opportunity to power, remember that every power is the Lord’s

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