New York beefs up security for UN Climate accord summit

New York beefs up security for UN Climate accord summit

Friday, April 22, 2016 12:28 am

Security beefed up in New York

Security beefed up in New York

New York City on Thursday beefed up security around the UN Headquarters as dignitaries arrived here for sessions on Sustainable Development Goals and a signing ceremony of the Paris climate accord scheduled for Friday.

Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood on Thursday bristled with law enforcement officers, checkpoints, blocked off streets and special VIP traffic lanes.

First Avenue along the UN compound’s western boundary and four streets leading to it were closed to regular traffic and special VIP lanes reserved along the Second Avenue and 42nd Street leading to the headquarters.

Small motorcades were led by blue and white New York Police Department cruisers with flashing lights.

Large concrete blocks, nearly the size of a small car, were in position outside the UN headquarters and heavy duty electrically-operated barricade-gates placed at checkpoints, lowered only for authorized vehicles.

Federal investigators mingled with state and NYPD officers at the checkpoints as UN safety and security officers checked identification passes to allow delegates, UN staff and members of the media heading to the headquarters.

Demolition of the temporary North Lawn Building, used during the recent 2-billion-U.S.-dollar renovation of the headquarters complex and construction projects on the compound’s eastern sector, were halted.

UN officials said the heightened security would be in effect only Thursday and Friday.

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