Pastor sends SOS to Rivers Police over his allegedly confiscated land

Pastor sends SOS to Rivers Police over his allegedly confiscated land

Thursday, April 21, 2016 2:58 pm



Reverend Sokari Soberekon is using the media to send a save our soul message to the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Rivers State Police Command, Rivers State Ministry of Lands and all relevant authorities to intervene in his land dispute with the Officer in Charge of Works (OC Works), ASP Eze Adolphus. The land is located on plot 49, block 256, Orije Layout, along Aba road, by Sangana, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Soberekon, is a veteran sportsman, an elder statesman of Niger Delta and founder of the church, Jesus City, Sokari Gym, Marine Base, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Soberekon's land document 1

Soberekon’s land document 1

Soberekon's document 2

Soberekon’s document 2

Soberekon's document 3

Soberekon’s document 3

Soberekon's document 5

Soberekon’s document 5

Soberekon's document 6

Soberekon’s document 6

While Soberekon claimed that he has a Certificate of Occupancy, number 98 vol X1 PH on the land and was registered in Port Harcourt on page 98, volume 165 in the Ministry of Lands, Adolphus was reported by a local tabloid as claiming that the “said Certificate of Occupancy had been revoked and the land allocated to him.”

Worse still, Soberekon told TheNEWS in Lagos that the Police brutalised him (despite his health challenges that took him to India for treatment) and his workers.

A source within Rivers Police, however, wondered why Rev Soberekon just woke up one day to start claiming a piece of land that already has big Police structures.

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  • Fyneface Aaron says:

    Up till now, 20/01/2020 the POlice is obstinate to public outcry against continuous manhandling of the RIvers Strong man elder statesman andservant of God Rev Dr Sokari SOBEREKON over his land in Abali park. The elder Statesman had written and his Lawyers have written yet none could pressurize the Commissioner of Police Rivers State into reasonableness and repentance so as to restore the property back to the sender
    May the IGP ask Rivers Police Command to be civil enough to leave Rev Dr SOBEREKON alone.
    Where are we heading to in this Country when even the Police is now agency fermenting trouble and tempting a respected and responsible citizen to riot?
    According to Prof Fyneface Aaron this indeed is an evil generation but woe to him by whom this devil is let lose on a Man of God and the Agitator and Establisher of Oil Derivation in Nigeria.

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