Buhari, APC: It’s time you render songs of change

Buhari, APC: It’s time you render songs of change

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 12:12 pm

Buhari and Osinbajo : it's time for a new song

Buhari and Osinbajo : it’s time for a new song

By Samuel Oladimeji Kuye

President Buhari on Monday said that PDP failed to plan for Nigeria’s raining day. The president asserted that the 16 years of PDP’s rule had little to show for the high revenue from oil during the period.

The President said, “In the First Republic, more enduring infrastructure was built with meagre resources.” Then he emphasised the need to make Nigeria great with the potentials that we have.

It is a delight to Nigerians that Mr President has a vision of making Nigeria great again. Was Nigeria ever great before? Nigeria is great! Even in her current state, she is great. In Militariness, Nigeria was great; in sports, especially football, Nigeria was great; in trade Nigeria was great; in arts she is great; her economy was great. Now, she remains potentially great. That President Buhari is committed to his mission of deifying Nigeria soothes every soul, even the unborn. Evidently, the President had visited countries not for fun but for the love of Nigeria.

Many people especially from those against APC’s fortune clenched their teeth at the President’s inaugural speech in which he said, “I belong to Nobody, I belong to Everyone.” That statement is enough to trust him because it simply is an assertion of his being free from the pressure or control of any godfather. He belongs to Nobody- no godfather and he belongs to everyone- every Nigerian.

When Buhari took over from a regime said to be sunk into corruption in 1983 the country experienced recovery from looming ruination. His political and economic tactics with unsentimental intrepidity birthed Buharism. However, his ‘now-popularly-celebrated’ integrity was overshadowed in previous elections. In 2003, he lost election to Olusegun Obasanjo; in 2007 (with disputations on mismanaged election by INEC under Professor Maurice Iwu) he lost to late Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua; in 2011 (with internationally adjudged credibility) he lost to Goodluck Jonathan. The point is that people never sought for his Buharism of the past in 2011. That is because Buharism has no automatic attraction to the populace. In 2015, he won the election because many people, (never all people) became disaffected with Jonathan’s governance. Most especially, Jonathan lost the love of many people and his legitimacy because of constant terrorist attacks that ravaged the country.

The APC has the right to comment about the flaws of PDP. But such comments will become cacophonic excuses if Nigerians’ patience is betrayed. But a ruling party cannot sing the woes of an ousted party for long. Let there be songs of the promised change

From the foregoing, we can deduce that the people were desperate for change. The people knew certain things were wrong with PDP’s leadership. They wanted change. It then means that the people cannot trust the humanly integrity for long. Buhari was only a last resort to many people (never all) in 2015. So, it becomes normal for such people, after close to a year, to get impatient with knight errantry and prolonged error analysis.

Although the War Against Terror (much affected by the ransacked arms fund) is now promising (and the people must appreciate that) people still anticipate more from this promising administration. Fuel scarcity or price hike may be a consequence of some factors but the people would not need to listen to explanations for long. No, not especially when the esteemed President himself is the minister in that sector. The President is elected not to make people see the cause of the nation’s problem, especially when the people are not ignorant of it. He is elected to help them deal with it by making quick and feasible favourable decisions. A leader must not keep drawing the picture of the problem to the followers who believe in his ability to solve their problems. He must find a way to sustain their faith in him. His vision is a factor but a temporal one, his promises and assertions are factors but also temporal. These are temporal because they are only rooted on emotion and trust. When that trust is diluted with questions of frustration, results are needed!

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is now settled in a burgeoning administration. This is because of the set of people that the President has chosen as his ministers. Electricity must be generated. The economy must be saved and jobs provided. Nevertheless, that growth and development are still based on the potentials of the leaders. So, burgeoning remains a fact, imaginatively hopefully. Potentials can remain on a passive and quixotic pacification. That won’t last!

It is better for the APC to save the stories that discredit PDP for the next electioneering period and focus how to advance the country. If APC did well, then with little or no reference to PDP’s system, the achievements will speak for them and people will support them.

Right now, to many Nigerians, especially the majority who have no lasting business with idealism except in its empirical actuality, it is almost a year that President Buhari had come into power. Of course, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu beseeched Nigerians to be patient with our President who has also reclaimed his former post of ‘Federal Commissioner of Petroleum’ now the Minister of Petroleum.  Whether we are patient or impatient, we have made a choice and we would live with that choice for a complete four-year term. The difference between PDP and APC will be clear by then. But people may end up being dissatisfied and disappointed. Actually, right now, many are! It is true that one cannot expect a sudden transformation or magical transmutation in Nigeria’s case. It has to be systematic, surely taking time. Nigerians trust integrity but cannot live on integrity. The offers of integrity are what hearts anticipated.

It is normal for any opposition party to show the bad side of another party. But a ruling party must do more than that. When Governor Ibikunle Amosun came to power in 2011 he did said things about the past leadership. That’s expected! But he never said much for too long about the past tenure. He had to show the difference in what he would do and not what he would say.

The President must not create a defeatist impression that the ‘failures of PDP’ are making him confused or discouraged. ‘The failures’ is in quote because it can only be established by the successes of APC and not just by promises and hopes, not just by recovery but development. For now, APC wants the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to be patient. What other choice do they have that to wait and see?

The APC has the right to comment about the flaws of PDP. But such comments will become cacophonic excuses if Nigerians’ patience is betrayed.

But a ruling party cannot sing the woes of an ousted party for long. Let there be songs of the promised change.

*Samuel Oladimeji Kuye runs a blog at : www.wordsmithkuye.blogspot.com 

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