Breaking News: Bukola Saraki fails to stop trial, gambit hits wall

Breaking News: Bukola Saraki fails to stop trial, gambit hits wall

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 1:52 pm


Senate President Bukola Saraki: trial proper begins

Senate President Bukola Saraki: trial proper begins

By Ayorinde Oluokun/Abuja

Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Danladi  Umar  has rejected the delaying tactics by lawyers to Senator Bukola Saraki to stall his trial and ruled that the trial must start immediately.

The Tribunal after analysing all the issues raised by lead defence counsel, Paul Usoro  came to the conclusion that the trial could no longer  be adjourned as the Tribunal already decided last week  that it has jurisdiction to hear the case,  a position that has been affirmed by the Supreme Court.

Umar  said since the Tribunal  ruled last week that the trial will commence today, it is ready to take the witnesses for the prosecution.

The first prosecution witness,  a young man in black suit promptly took his position in the witness box.

But Usoro again asked the court for adjournment.

Umar said he had already thrown out his motion for adjournment and  asked him to sit down.

Usoro persisted, arguing that he is coming into the matter for the first time and the lead counsel was not available.

He asked the court to adjourn to enable the lead counsel to come in or to enable him take proper instructions to proceed with the case.

Umar said the witness should be allowed to give his evidence in chief, then the cross examination can be postponed until the lead counsel appeared in court.

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  • Adam Abdulraheem says:

    You’ve said it all Aderinoye you’re a true Nigerian

  • Aderinoye Lateef Olalekan says:

    If it is today or tomorrow, all I know is that Almighty Allah is seen all our doings. Relay this to Danladi Umar “This case will shape you and your unborn children to any direction you wish for in the future and every Nigerian will never forget your judgement on this matter because our suffering still stays in the memory as if it starts and ends today”. Do not mind my words but those points. Lies never last.

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