Cake like raindrop made in New York

Cake like raindrop made in New York

Monday, April 4, 2016 9:43 am

The Rain drop cake

The Rain drop cake

Many of us may have tried catching raindrops with our tongues, eager to find out the taste of the little gifts from the sky.

But a New York Chef has made the effort so much easier by creating the raindrop cake, a dessert that looks just like a larger, prettier version of its name, a raindrop.

The main ingredients of the delicacy are mineral water and agar, said its creator Darren Wong, which gave the cake a mild taste – pretty much like water.

The cake containing zero calories is usually served with sweet flavorings for better taste.

“It kind reminds me of that scene from A Bug’ s Life where they drink water drops off of leaves,” Wong said. “There are very few foods that engage this many senses at the same time, which is what attracted me to this dessert in the first place.”

Despite its fragile appearance, the dessert can be sliced in to pieces like jello, but if put in room temperature, it will melt in just half an hour.

*Published by Xinhua

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