Tunde Obe: My marriage secrets

Tunde Obe: My marriage secrets

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 7:16 pm

Tunde and Wunmi Obe

Tunde and Wunmi Obe: Married since 1988

A renowned musician, Tunde Obe, one half of the popular music couple T.W.O (Tunde and Wunmi Obe), said that his wife was instrumental to the success of their marriage.

The musician, who spoke against the backdrop of failed marriages among some of the nation’s showbiz celebrities, said that they had been married since 1988.

Obe said  that the family had always made sacrifices for a better future.

He advised men to marry women who would support them in their plans and also help them make good decisions for the future.

“Marrying this woman helped me to be able to become who I am today, in the sense that we were living beneath our means for over a decade. There are many women who will never ever ever ever agree to live beneath their means.

“I will deny them of holidays, I will deny them of new cars, of clothes, I will deny them of everything because I was trying to build for tomorrow and she has so much faith and belief in me and where I was taking us.

“Because I’m the captain of my ship, I can’t lie, I am the captain of my own family, I’m the head of my family and I believe that whether we sink or swim is my responsibility.

“If you are unfortunate not to have a wife who wants to encourage you, you can have a hundred million and say I’m not spending a kobo of this.

“We are going to continue to live like paupers because I want to do this and she’ll be like fine, and without that peace of mind, of knowing that I was putting things in place for our future, I couldn’t have ever achieved it.’’

T.W.O, are among the most recognisable music couples in Nigeria and have so far released five albums together.

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