‘No business as usual for failed contractors in Lagos,’ says Tobun Abiodun

‘No business as usual for failed contractors in Lagos,’ says Tobun Abiodun

Monday, February 22, 2016 9:13 pm

The committee members with officials of the government and contractor.

The committee members with officials of the government and contractor.

Eromosele Ebhomele

Contractors who decide to abandon projects being executed by them or attempt to slow down the pace of work on projects would have themselves to blame, Tobun Abiodun, the chairman of the Committee on Works of the Lagos State House of Assembly has vowed.

Tobun, who said this after inspecting some projects in the state with members of his committee, frowned at the way contractors either abandoned projects or slowed down work thus giving room for the government to be ridiculed.

He said henceforth, any contractor found wanting would be dealt with according to the dictates of the law warning that contractors must now brace to avoid sanctions.

Tobun and his committee members expressed dismay that the contractors fail to realise that it is tax payers’ money that is spent on the projects to better the people’s lives.

For example, the lawmakers wondered why the channelisation of Ajegunle-Ilo Aboru area of the state awarded to Dolly Dredging, a contracting firm, was lamentably slowed down by the company.

Part of the failed project

Part of the failed project

It was learnt from officials of the state government that the contractor was adequately mobilised for the project and that no reason had been given for the slow pace of work.

Residents of the area claimed that the contractor abandoned the project and complained that the abandoned project had ruined the communities.

The committee summoned Dolly Dredging so as to hear why the contract was either slowed or stalled.

To him, if government money is allocated or apportioned, it must be judiciously spent.

“Those, who abandon government projects should pay the contract money back to the government and we will bring them to the chamber of the House if they fail to do that.
“We will expose such persons and let Lagos residents know them. They have been given enough money to make profits and if you put the capital and profits in your pockets, you would be brought to book and dealt with and we will write our reports and bring the person to the floor of the House.

“We will then take a decision and send it to the Governor to take action on such contractors,” Tobun said.

Tobun stated that his committee went on oversight functions to see some of the projects in the state and see their level of development.

He said that they went to see what was on ground with a view to review the projects.

“We were able to visit two projects including the channelisation of Ajegunle-Ilo Aboru that was awarded to Dolly Dredging that is on-going and another project in Egbe, which is also on-going.

“As far as I am concerned, the project in Aboru is not encouraging. The rate at which the project is going is questionable and it is not encouraging at all.

“It is giving us a setback. So, we need to see them and see how far they have gone because they are delaying the development of the state.

“Let them come and tell us if it is funding that is delaying them, we know it is not funding,” Tobun said adding that his committee went out with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure to see where there can be synergy between the two ministries as the rains begin soon.

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