Female suicide bomber arrested at IDP camp

Female suicide bomber arrested at IDP camp

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 8:47 pm

a female bomber arrested in Kano in 2014

a female bomber arrested in Kano in 2014

What would have been a third suicide bombing was averted Tuesday morning  at the Internally Displaced Persons camp  in Dikwa, on the Nigerian  border with Cameroon, when the female bomber was arrested.

An official of the Borno State Emergency Agency said she has volunteered information about other planned bombings that helped them increase security at the camp.

Some 78 people are being treated for wounds from the twin explosions that occurred Tuesday morning in a camp of some 50,000 people driven from their homes by the Boko Haram Islamic uprising, according to health workers in Maiduguri, the biggest city in northeastern Nigeria and birthplace of Boko Haram.

They spoke on condition of anonymity as did rescue officials who said they were not authorized to speak to reporters.

The emergency management official said 51 bodies were buried Wednesday in Dikwa, the scene of the carnage 85 kilometers (53 miles) northeast of Maiduguri. Health workers said five bodies were brought to the main hospital in Maiduguri. The officials said poor cell phone service delayed news of the attack.

Boko Haram’s 6-year-old Islamic insurgency has killed 20,000 people, made 2.5 million homeless and spread across Nigeria’s borders.

Gov. Midjiyawa Bakari of neighboring Cameroon’s Far North province said two suicide bombers believed to have come from Nigeria on Wednesday killed 10 people and injured 40 attending a funeral wake-keeping  in the  border village, Nguechekwe.  Children were among the dead.

Attacks in Chad and Niger also are blamed on Boko Haram.

Since troops from Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon last year drove the Islamic extremists from towns and villages where they had announced an Islamic caliphate and ruled with their strict interpretation of Islamic law, the insurgents have taken to attacking soft targets such as mosques and market places where many people gather.


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